Sangria Kit of the Month

At first when I saw the Sangria Workshop on the Go, I was ‘ok’ with it.  Not jumping up and down … or totally excited.  But I AM NOW!  It really is so nice to see the color combination, using a deep purple and berry for Fall, adding orange to the mix.  OMgosh!  Lovin’ it for sure!  I used my scraps to make these 3 cards … each one completely different:

Sangria 06

If you have been looking for a layout or two for FAMILY, look no further.  I really love these 4 pages .. the bottom two are BONUS 7 & 8 and can be generational (brother, sister, mother, grandparent, etc.). Or you can forego the titles and create the layout for your own photos of choice:

Sangria 02

Sangria 05

In the layouts above, I really loved using the Bronze Shimmer Trim and adding a little extra ‘shimmer’ to the pages.  Not too much … but enough to add some pizzazz.

Now these next 4 pages are colorful, fun and really POP!  I loved using the Coral Shimmer Trim on these pages.  I used our new Cricut ARTISTRY to cut the pumpkins and create the title on the bottom layout.  I love to distress my papers, so I did add some sponging and sanding to add another layout of depth.

Sangria 03 Sangria 04

I think you’ll love the stamp set in the Sangria Workshop on the Go.  I really did use the set on all the pages (which is something I rarely do).  The stamps are lovely, useful and one to add to your collection.

If you are not a stamper, you can duplicate the artwork too but forego the stamps.  Use what you have; add cricut cuts or titles of your choice; paper flowers would work great too.  The Sangria Complements have a lot in them so it would be a nice addition for layouts and cards.

Below is the full detailed information.  When you look at my shopping list, it’s detailed because I don’t know what you own.  So you can pick and choose what you want or need (you may already own the shimmer trim).  The slideshow is awesome to check out because it has all the photos of the 8 pages and close ups of certain features on layouts.

Many of my customers enjoy earning FREE and/or Discounted Product when they scrapbook queenbecome a member of the Monthly Rewards Club.

Workshop Classes for Cards and/or layouts

Yeah!  I have an opening in my calendar where I can offer a few of my workshops to YOU!  If you enjoy Halloween but are not a part of the festivities and would like something crafty to do, please join in:

  • Saturday, October 31st from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (includes FREE lunch and refreshments)
  • or … Sunday, November 1st (includes FREE lunch and refreshments)

You can create any of these classes, however many YOU have time for during the day of your choice:


Paper Garden Card Class

Try you hand at Paper Garden and creating 12 cards (or more if you would like to purchase extra supplies) in either POPPY (red) or EGGPLANT (purple).  The workshop includes cardstock, 12 cards/envies, 2 new inks (depends on your color choice), 4 sponge daubers, gold foil tape & gold sequins, precut cricut images and dry embossed pieces and Paper Garden Stamp set and instructions.  The above is the RED version and you can click here to see more and the purple version.  $55 … or both red and purple for $80 (24 cards and products with new inks, etc.)  If you own the inks, I deduct from the price.

Kaleidoscope cards

Kaleidoscope birthday card kit:  $28 which creates 15 cards with instructions.  Complete with stamp set, cardstock/pattern paper, 15 cards/envies, pink enamel gems, green shimmer trim and color brochure/instructions.  INKS not included and used:  canary, pear, pixie and slate (I have those for sale if needed)

While you play, you also have the option to create this card buffet of 4 cards for $5.00 (it doesn’t matter to me if you do all the same or variety):


Scrapbooking Workshops:

All kits come with a complete workshop of paper, embellishments, accessories, cutting guide and instructions.  I will walk you through and teach you how to cut and measure to get the most out of a paper pack so you can duplicate the artwork.  Classes include the cricut cuts as well as use of the stamp set to create the artwork.  (If you own any of these and want to do the class with me, that’s fine.  I will require a purchase out of my “store” for the same price point. If you have questions, please ask):

TRAVEL:  Wanderful $45 and creates 10 pages (click here for slideshow of artwork).  Here’s a sampling of a two page spread:

Wanderful 1a

HALLOWEEN:  Nevermore $38 and creates 8 pages (click here for slideshow of artwork)Here’s a sampling of a two page spread:

Nevermore 2

FALL/FAMILY HEIRLOOM:  Sangria $40 and creates 8 pages (click here for slideshow of artwork)Here’s a sampling of a two page spread:

Sangria 04

Please email me ASAP to join in and to make sure I have your supplies here for you. Email me @ or if you have any questions.  


Scrapbook Queens needed

scrapbook queenBecome a scrapbook queen and get a LOT more done each month! I’m in search of just a few more ‘queens’ to fill up a club that has so much value!

Do you love deals? Free product?  1/2 price items?  Artwork you can duplicate?  Well, all of my club members receive FREE product and most earn a 1/2 price item (do I hear cricuts ‘collections’?) when they are the hostess in my Monthly Rewards Club.  Not one of them holds an event in their home (no clean up, food, dessert or drinks to set up) … as it is ALL done online plus it is shipped directly to their door.

what's the catchWhat’s the catch?  NO CATCH … it’s just a very simple reward program based on loyalty and commitment.  I’m currently looking for a few more gals to JOIN IN this program that is starting right now in October and will run for 5 months through February.

When you join a Monthly Rewards Club, you’ll also receive  ….

  • Free Annual Inspirations Idea book filled with ideas and new product
  • Artwork Instructions for 6 pages or more for Scrapbooking or a Card Workshop based on your purchase (your purchase/commitment includes a cutting guide, directions and photos/files of the Kit of the Month)
  • Tips and tricks of the Trade for the Kit of the Month
  • Budget purchasing: buying a particular product line each month where you take it out of the bag and duplicate the artwork (I’ve done the work for you)
  • In the KNOW of all the special promotions and deals of the month
  • FREE and/or Discounted product when you are the hostess.  You can earn $25 or more and a 1/2 price item (when your club reaches this level).  Plus, you can invite family, friends, crafters to place an order towards your online show which gets shipped directly to them!
  • Most importantly … shipping is only $4.95 for up to 10 lbs.  A really GREAT DEAL!
  • And there are NO FEES … it’s FREE to join

Sangria 04aWhether you  are a SOLO flyer or have a BUDDY or two … I have room for YOU!  Please email me directly @ to JOIN today.

You’ll really enjoy the “October Kit of the Month” offerings … and the many benefits of belonging to one of my clubs.

Have a ‘scrappy’ day!


Twinkle me in Glitter!

When I saw the October stamp of the month, TWINKLE:

Twinkle Oct. SOTM

I just knew I had to use CTMH’s glitter paper packs (3 colors in one pack for only $5.95) and our variety of shimmer trim works too!  If I know you, you have some of those sheets lying around, or scraps you have stuffed in a bag, right?  Plus we now carry some new colors that I just had to use in RED and loving the TEAL collection (not so new).  What do you think of these cards?  I would love to READ your comments about your favorite and why.


This card idea is from Make it from Your Heart Vol. 2, pattern 28 (modified).  What I love about the stamp set is the ornament, label and circles can be cut using our ARTISTE Cricut Collection.  I just stuck my white daisy paper in the machine and made a bunch of cuts and used them up.  Any leftovers get stuffed in the envelope for later use.


What do you think of the cards above?  This set of cards can help you decide if your style is Victorian, traditional or contemporary (would you be the type to use black, silver and gold?) for a Twinkle Card. The possibilities are endless!  The card idea is from Make it From your Heart Vol. 1 (“hugs” card modified). BTW,  I did take the little bulb stamp and stamped it on the wrong side of the glitter paper and cut out the bulbs.


I really love the simplicity of the cards above using either strips of glitter paper or shimmer trim.  I also am in LOVE with our *new* Fundamental Assortment in 8 colors!  The BOWS and the variety/sizes of the glitter stickers in circles, stars, triangles and  hearts are all from this line (also has tabs and wooden signs).


Now here’s another set of cards using the string and light bulbs. They are so much fun and easy to do!  I used Peacock ink for the string & bulb outline; stamped the solid bulb in either cranberry or lagoon (or pick your colors) and added my message.  Happy Holidays is not sold in the set but it’s only $2.95 and can be found here.


Lastly, this card idea came from Make It From Your Heart Vol. 2 (pattern 25) (some others did too). I added the glitter paper, stamped and popped up for the card idea.  But you know how you sometimes cut a cricut shape in the wrong size?  Well, I decided to use those for tags and just play with the scraps.

Quick shopping list at a glance:

If you love these ideas, you can make a purchase HERE on my website.

This stamp set is exclusive and available for purchase in OCTOBER. 

*new* Watercolor Paints

Would you like to learn about our Watercolor Paints?  During the past week or so, I had the opportunity to play with a few *new* things:  our Watercolor paints, paint brushes and watercolor paper.  I couldn’t believe how easy it is to use.  Here’s a sample using Balloon Wishes stamp set:


Let me tell you how easy it was.

  1. I dipped the large paint brush into water and then chose a yellow paint and swiped it across a 4×6 piece of watercolor paper.  TIP:  The All Purpose Mat is great to have underneath to catch any spill over or paint swiping.
  2. I then dipped it back into water to wash it and went to an orange paint.  Swiped underneath the yellow and just over a little bit … starting to create a rainbow effect.
  3. I continued the same process using pink, a little purple, green and blue for the rainbow look.
  4. I’m a little impatient so I used my heat tool to dry it fast.  Otherwise, it could sit out for 15 mins. to dry.
  5. I inked up the balloon stamp in memento black ink (or you could use black staz-on or black archival) and stamped over the rainbow.  I heated it (just my personal preference) and cut the image out.
  6. I used Kaleidoscope paper to create the card above, cut out the balloon and popped it up.  Added “celebrate” from the same stamp set and used the happy birthday as well on a piece of leftover rainbow watercolor scrap and added it to the card.
  7. Finished it off with Purple Hearts Enamel & Glitter Duos and loved the look!

Watercolor paint

You’ll enjoy even more things you can do and have some fun playing.  You should check out the Make It From Your Heart Blog Post HERE that shows you a step by step instruction on a layout.

Watercolor paint flower



Enjoy!  If you want to make a purchase, you can CLICK HERE on my website.

Nevermore Kit of the Month

For those of you who have been considering whether the Monthly Rewards Club is right for you (because you LOVE the ART and would like to create it),  I’ve taken the time to share it with you here on my Video.  Check it out and see if it’s for you … New Clubs start the beginning of October.

Nevermore website pic

Well, it’s never too soon to create pages AHEAD of time!  Halloween is around the corner (can you believe it!) and these 8 pages will not disappoint you!  One thing I can say about duplicating the artwork ahead of time is this:  when you do, you’ll know exactly how many vertical, horizontal or specific types of photos you need.  Sure it’s a different way of thinking and scrapping, but you’ll SAVE more time and money, and not waste photo developing when you know exactly what you want to use.

But on the other side of the spectrum, do you go to Disney or visit during Halloween Season?  If you take photos and visit the Haunted Mansion .. or perhaps the Tower of Terror (thanks Andrea R. for the suggestion!), you can also use these layouts.  Perhaps, you are loving the Halloween costumes, decorations and colors of this fun holiday around your neighborhood?  Well, if so, Nevermore is for you!

Nevermore 2

Love the above layout which I scrap-lifted (a little bit of tweaking) from Holly Veselenak. Eggplant (new color), sunset & gray are the colors for this delightful “trick or treat” layout.

Nevermore 3

I just love this SPOOKY layout .. but it can also be used for Mardi Gras  … just change the titles and hold off on spiders and you have a new spin on it!

Nevermore 4

Now the original .. black and orange look above that can drive you batty!  The Nevermore complements (2 sticker sheets, vellum and kraft) work with all the pages so far!  Lots of choices.

Nevermore 5

These bonus pages are optional and they are the same layout as the black/orange design. I chose My Hero and if you have other paper, you could change the stripe to something else.  But if you are into Mummies … it’s another Halloween layout you can dress up with style!

Nevermore products

The above products created the pages for Nevermore, but below are specific links to help you view so much more:

Feeling Inspired?  You can place an order HERE on my Website


New Stamps

It’s National Stamping Month so I thought I would give you a shout out regarding all the *new* and *exciting* STAMP SETS we have to offer from Close To My Heart!  I am just loving the September Stamp of the Month and here are two more cards I created using *new* Poppy and Fern inks:


You can purchase the Stamp of the Month for $5.00 with a $50 purchase HERE on my website.  But I have a really great CARD WORKSHOP for you, starting @ $55 with all the bells and whistles!  You can create the PURPLE set, or the RED set … or both!

Both purple and red

We also have 8 *new* SPORT STAMP SETS!  You’ll love the variety we know offer for only $9.95 each!  I love the price point … and here they are with a sample of Football:

Play Hard Sports


Artwork featuring a sport stamp set created by CTMH:


Lastly, we now offer every STATE in a stamp set! Do you do a lot of travel?  Do you create college pages and need the STATE details?  Do you want to include all the STATES you travel through on a scrapbook page?  Well, here’s a great way to buy many US STATES for only $2.95 each.  Here’s a sample of what one looks like:

US States 9

State ideas

And don’t forget, it’s National Stamping Month and there are 3 stamp sets exclusive to this month’s tribute to ‘the holiday!’  Buy each one for $13.95 or save $6.90 on all 3!

3 stamp sets for Sept. (1003x394)

NSM photo

So there you have it ALL!  National Stamping Month .. lots of new stamp sets for you to choose from and fall in LOVE with!  Enjoy!

BYO Crops: One Day or Weekend Events

Looking to get some scrapping or card making done in a very intimate setting?  Love workshop 4natural light, spacious and airy room on the ground floor (no stairs to haul a thing!)?  Just looking for a place to go with a few friends for a day or the weekend?  Well, I have some great news for you!

BYO Crops One Day or Weekend Events DATES:

  • October 2 – 4 (Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday)
  • October 9 – 11 (Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday)
  • October 16 – 18 (Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday)
  • December 7 – 9  (Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday)
  • If you have a bunch of friends and want to book the place for yourselves, what date do you have in mind?

You can attend one day, two days or make it a 3 day weekend for you and your friends. Bring your own food, snacks, favorite drinks (I have Keurig on hand for you) or purchase from the many available food places in Newington or more upscale in Portsmouth NH .. all within 15 minutes or less of my home.  And as for lodging … there are so many hotels nearby that I recommend using PRICELINE to get the best deal.

You can read the ATTACHED FLYER HERE with pricing, details and payment options.

If you have any questions, please email me @

Labor Day Special with *new* products and Card Workshop

Don’t miss out!  We have 7 *new* INK PAD Colors and I have a SUPER SPECIAL Paper DEAL that ends tonight @ midnight!  Plus a beautiful card workshop with How To Video … using 3 of our new colors!  

Yeah!  It’s finally here!  Our new Annual Inspirations and Holiday Expressions booklet! You can CLICK HERE to view it online!

idea books 2

If you are excited and just want to JUMP into viewing NEW PRODUCTS in ALL CATEGORIES, please click HERE.  I know as a crafter, you LOVE new things and Close To My Heart has done their job in offering quality, color, style and freshness to their new lines!

I’m offering a LABOR SALE that can’t be beat!

  • Purchase all 7 new colors of INK PADS for $52.50 and receive the coordinating Enchantment Cardstock Combo for FREE!  30% savings of $15.65!  (shipping not included).  
  • Plus I’ll throw in both copies for FREE of the Annual Inspirations and Holiday Expressions (savings of $7.00!)
  • Do the math:  $52.50 … gets you $22.65 FREE!  More than 40% savings!
  • Plus shipping runs about $6.50 on the East Coast; slightly more as you head out West.

Ink cardstock special

Enchantment Cardstock Combo

This deal is only from me and directly and out of my inventory (you cannot place it online to get this fabulous deal).  So you can email me directly @ to take advantage.  Sales ends midnight on Monday, Sept. 7th @ midnight eastern time.  (If you belong to a club, this deal is separate from those orders and cannot be combined.)

Paper Garden SOTM

I am in LOVE with the Paper Garden Stamp of the Month and have created a CARD WORKSHOP for you!  I have been wanting to create a Sympathy Card Workshop for quite some time and this stamp set is KEY.  I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy the color palette I’ve chosen.  Also the elegant, yet simple designs I’ve created that are a joy to recreate again and again.  Sure, you could use it for other sentiments but so many times we really need With Sympathy, Condolences or So Sorry card .. and Thinking of You goes a long, long way too!  Here are the TWO color Palettes you can choose from or have them all!

20150901_111400-1 (7)

20150901_111431-1-1 (3)

I have a few BUYING POWER Workshops so you can enjoy what works for you!  CLICK HERE to view the Specials and DEALS on this Paper Garden Card Making Workshop.  If you want to see the Slideshow of ARTWORK, Click HERE.

And YES, you can take advantage of the FREE Enchantment Cardstock Combo with purchase of *new* ink pads and I will work with you to make it the best program for you!

My new video shows you the Techniques used on the Card Workshop:

If you have any questions, please contact me @

Oh yeah … September is National Stamping Month!

Click HERE to view the FLYER for this month’s Special Deal

3 stamp sets for Sept. (1003x394)

Have a great Labor Day Celebration with your family and friends!

Touching lives … it’s what WE DO!

At our convention in July, Close to My Heart revealed this brand new video that shares the passion of scrapbooking. I think you would enjoy seeing it and I hope you share it with your friends:

Just a couple of QUICK REMINDERS:

Retiring photoRETIRING on 8/31/15 (Monday):

There are 7 colors in cardstock & ink pads retiring.  Some of them are favorites:

Smokey Plum, Olive, Outdoor Denim, Indian Corn Blue, Autumn Terracotta, Ponderosa Pine & Barn Red.

Inks & Reinkers

GOING UP in price: 

Starting on Sept. 1st, all ink pads and reinkers are going up by $1.00!



Almost all the products from the Annual Inspiration 2014/2015 and Summer Seasonal Expression are being RETIRED as of 8/31/15 (Monday).  You can view the product line HERE on my website.

Idea books