Would this kind of CLUB interest YOU?

I for one like to buy things on a budget and be rewarded for it!  What about you? Does this sound like you?  Well, as you know (or may not know), we have come out with these brand *new* style ink pads in 40 dye based inks and two pigment inks (white daisy & colonial white which are $9.50):

new inks

They are super easy to use!  No more struggling to open or close them or spin them to fit in their tray:

Inks openThe magnetism snaps them together and to each other, and a larger ‘face’ helps with stamping larger images too.  So, the question is … would buying these new ink pads on a budget be of interest to you?

Here’s what I’m proposing if interested:

Three CLUBS to help you acquire ALL the INK PADS on your budget and timeline with FREE rewards for each level.  It will be like a subscription .. you don’t have to do a thing!  I’ll place the order for you and email you about any specials and stamp of the month deals.  You’ll have that option if you want to or NOT, to purchase beyond your subscription of ink pads if you see something else you may want.

Your a “TEN” Club:  You want them ASAP, 10 at a time!

  • 4 people will make up this club for 4 months
  • Purchasing 10 ink pads at a time.  $79.50 plus $4.95 shipping* (and any tax to your area) per month for 4 months.  Optional purchases up to you.
  • It’s a FIRM commitment to the club so each one of YOU receives a turn to be the hostess
  • Your hostess month: You receive FREE the new exclusive color of the year, Sea Glass ink; $50 of FREE product out of the Hostess Rewards program (I can send you the list), and any item in the idea book for 1/2 price (optional for you and includes everything that is available at the time of ordering).
  • * shipping: may increase if you add any other items to your order

Triple SIXES Club:  a 1/2 a year will do ya just fine!

  • 6 people will make up this club for 6 months
  • Purchasing 6 ink pads at a time.  $47.70 plus $4.95 shipping* (and any tax to your area) per month for 6 months.  Optional purchases up to you.
  • It’s a FIRM commitment to the club so each one of YOU receives a turn to be the hostess
  • Your hostess month: You receive FREE the new exclusive color of the year, Sea Glass ink$30 of FREE product out of the Hostess Rewards program (I can send you the list), and any item in the idea book for 1/2 price (optional for you and includes everything that is available at the time of ordering).
  • * shipping: may increase if you add any other items to your order

FOUR for 10 CLUB:  slow and steady budget 

  • 10 people will make up this club for 10 months
  • Purchasing 4 ink pads at a time.  $31.80 plus $4.95 shipping* (and any tax to your area) per month for 10 months.  Optional purchases up to you.
  • It’s a FIRM commitment to the club so each one of YOU receives a turn to be the hostess
  • Your hostess month: You receive FREE the new exclusive color of the year, Sea Glass ink$30 of FREE product out of the Hostess Rewards program (I can send you the list), and any item in the idea book for 1/2 price (optional for you and includes everything that is available at the time of ordering).
  • * shipping: may increase if you add any other items to your order

Join nowquestion markIf you have any questions, please ask!

If this sounds like a good deal to you, JOIN NOW! Please email me @ ilov2cr84u@gmail.com and your Club Choice so I can start to assemble clubs and see if there is enough interest to form one.  Even if you own ONE new INK, I’m sure we can work something out.

Adventure new ink colorsOh, one more thought … YOU might only be interested in owning ONLY the 7 new colors and SEA GLASS.  If so, please LMK and I’ll see if I can work out a program for you too!

Like you, I am on a budget and do not own all of them myself.  I’m just starting out too!  I love how simple they are to hold, handle and open.  Especially when your hands aren’t what they used to be … you’ll enjoy the easiness of this new style.

If you would like to look at all the colors, click here on this LINK.  


2017 new PLANNERS are now AVAILABLE

new planner

These are stunningly beautiful!  It will make YOU or a very special person in your life who loves to organize, plan and schedule their daily activities … a fantastic holiday gift!

The Everyday Day Life 2017 Planners are here! The month dividers of this planner feature beautiful, intricate coloring-page style designs that are carried through in smaller details on the following pages. These planner pages also include a plastic zipper pouch for storing your markers, coloring pencils, pen, and other writing and decorating instruments.

You can purchase the planner in three different ways:

Bundled together with the Everyday Life Album—Stripes (CC1178, $31.90):


Bundled together with the Everyday Life™ Album—Seaglass (CC1177, $31.90):


Or, you can purchase only the planner pages themselves (CC2017, $16.95):


When you PLAN, you can also “play & color” with your favorite markers or pencils:

planner 2

These fabulous planners are only available for a limited time while supplies last, so be sure to order yours soon.  

Click on the SHOP PHOTO below to make your purchase:


Last of the BEST RETIRED kits!

Did you miss out on these kits?  If so, these are the last kits available out of my inventory.

  • If you buy TWO or more KITS (6 to 10 pages), I’ll include shipping for FREE!  
  • I will email you cutting directions and photos of the artwork.
  • Each photo below has a link to the slideshow (which has closeups).

Email me @ ilov2cr84u@gmail.com if any interest you or you have questions.

Calypso (summer, beach, pool, tropical):  $40 creates 8 pages (last few kits)

Click HERE for slideshow of ARTWORK

Calypso 1SANGRIA (family, fall, pumpkin pickin’):  $40 creates  8 pages (last few kits)

Click HERE for slideshow of ARTWORK

Sangria 01

LA VIE EN ROSE (wedding, prom, sweet 16, graduation, dance, anniversary and a Disney layout):  $47 creates 8 pages (last few) … includes a lot of great product!

Click HERE for slideshow of ARTWORK

La Vie En Rose 1

WHITE PINES (traditional Christmas, santa, winter): $40 creates 8 pages (includes retired flip flaps) SOLD OUT

Click HERE for slideshow of ARTWORK

White Pines 1

 GEORGIE (neutral BABY):  $37 creates 7 pages (last two kits)

Click HERE for slideshow of ARTWORK

Georgie 1

 URBAN (boys, masculine, metro):  $40 creates 6 pages (last few kits) and $42 for the Workshop on the Go which includes stamp set 

Click HERE for slideshow of ARTWORK


PENELOPE (spring, boy/girl, fun day, Easter):  $40 creates 8 pages (last two kits)

Click HERE for slideshow of ARTWORK

Penelope 1 resized

KALEIDOSCOPE (everday, fun day, summer, park):  $43.50 creates 8 pages (last TWO kits)

Click HERE for slideshow of ARTWORK

Kaleidoscope 1 (428x800)

FLORENCE (everyday life, school, boy and girl):  $40 for 8 page kit (last few)

Click HERE for slideshow of ARTWORK

Florence 1

ZOE (everyday life, boy/girl, school):  $40 creates 8 pages (last few kits) and I have two Workshops on the Go with stamp set $42 (this is a great stamp set for everyday life uses)

Click HERE for slideshow of ARTWORK


BRUSHED:  $36 creates 6 pages LAST KIT

Click HERE for slideshow of ARTWORK

Brushed 1

BLOSSOM:  $33 creates 6 pages (last TWO kits)

Click HERE for slideshow of ARTWORK

Blossom 1

WANDERFUL (travel):  $45 creates 10 pages (last few)

Click HERE for slideshow of ARTWORK

Wanderful 1 (2)

Wanderful 5

If you purchase any TWO or MORE kits above, you’ll receive FREE SHIPPING from me.  I’ll be in touch about any questions.

If you would like to also check out my TWO PAGE KITS (some are COMPLETED and priced AS IS), I have them for easy viewing.  Click HERE on this LINK in PINTEREST and it will bring you to this page below:

Two Page Pinterest

Email me @ ilov2cr84u@gmail.com if any interest you or you have questions.

This JUST IN …

new inks

Yeah, finally!  All the NEW Ink Pads are AVAILALBE to order.  Look at how easy they are to OPEN ...

Inks openThey are magnetic so they easily come a part and ‘click’ together, as well as ‘click’ to each other because of the magnetism.  Love it!


Plus, SEA GLASS is our “New Exclusive Color of the Year!”  It comes in a mini pigment cube, stamp pad, reinker (should be available tomorrow, 10/12) and cardstock (all sold separately):


And … our ADVENTURE Seasonal Collection has 7 new colors that are available in ink pads, reinkers and cardstock.  Here’s the bright, new collection:

Adventure new ink colors


And for your viewing pleasure, watch this fantastic CTMH video on THIN CUTS! We have quite a nice collection of THIN CUTS that are so pretty! You will see how they add just enough pizzazz to your creation:

What a gloomy day …

but a great day for crafting!  It’s been quite some time since we had weather like this.  I hope all our Southeast Coasters are doing well after the storm… thinking of you!  But when the weather outside is cloudy … there really is only one thing YOU should enjoy doing … CREATING!

Holiday WCS1171

In the Holiday Expressions booklet  (you can view it here ONLINE), you’ll be able to see some beautiful collections of paper, stamps, artwork and more for our upcoming season.  Fall is one of the prettiest seasons here in the Northeast and I was so inspired to decorate for Halloween that I was done decorating early!  Yeah! I’m sitting here with my pumpkin candles lit, hot bowl of soup and thoughts turning to sharing my artwork for the Fall Season.  Feel free to comment if you find something interesting … or just enjoy looking.  It’s always a pleasure to create and share with YOU in mind, to help you craft, create and scrap those ideas!

I am offering two Kits of the Month for October: Jeepers Creepers and Swan Lake.

JEEPERS CREEPERS, the perfect Halloween Kit!

I love the tradition of Halloween, trick and treating, and using black and orange. OK, so my husband didn’t get this … but can you see the EYES under BOO (left page)? It’s supposed to look like a ‘mummy!’ All wrapped up in orange/striped bandages (perhaps some of you have a jail theme in mind?)  LOL  Hey, give me points for trying, okay?

Jeepers 2


Now, if I was going to a party, this is the layout I would definitely create and use. Love these new colors:  Tangerine, Pansy and when you add Lagoon and black, stunning collection of colors!  Now the middle section where you see the moon/stars … that’s the new Pocket Plus memory protector.  I’m showing you both sides in these photos:  

Jeepers 3c Jeepers 3d

The Pocket Plus above holds (4) 4×3 photos (front and back) so you can see I added cardstock and some of the Picture My Life cards and accessories from the kit.  Here’s a photo of the (4) varieties of Pocket Place pages, so you have options. These work in either our D Ring or Post Bound albums.  

pocket plus

Now for those that have grandchildren who can be little ‘monsters,’ I created this layout where I stamped, “Adorable little cookie” and used the sticker, “monsters.”

Jeepers 4

And many of these photo wells could be used with 5×7, 6×4, and 4×3 flip flaps. So enjoy the opportunity to add more photos.

Now if you love to create Halloween and Birthday cards, check out these adorable ideas using the rest of your kit purchase and adding on Monstrous Halloween Stamps (and thin cut bundle or buy the stamps only separately):

Jeepers Creepers Card Workshop

SWAN LAKE, a beautiful, stunning, FAMILY/FALL/THANKFUL themed kit:

I have to admit I was not too excited to work with this kit.  Like I mentioned, I love tradition and Fall brings to mind browns, oranges, green, burgundy colors.  So, having this kit as a Fall themed line gave me some creative blocks.  But jumping off some of the CTMH artwork, I was able to make it work and really like the results.

Swan Lake 2 Swan Lake 2cPoppy red, Peacock blue and Whisper grey … all compliment each other well.  The black and gold ribbon comes in the kit too and added just enough sparkle.  I wanted to showcase the 6×4 flip flap and how it opened UP (rather than to the side). I also took the 6×4 photo well on the right page and placed (2) 3×4 flip flaps that open up like shutters.  Just trying to show you versatility and it can hold more photos than two.  Love those flip flaps!  (Oh and if you do the Duck tour in Boston … I think I got you covered!  Thanks Christine!)

Swan Lake 3

This is stunning!  Do I hear an “AMEN!”? I love this black floral pattern and it sits next to the grey bold stripe and the thin strip of saffron (yellow) just pops it!  But the glacier blue helps pull it all together and the focus will be on the photos.  I love, love … love this layout!  Plenty of room for a 5×7, 6×4 and 4×4 flip flaps!  I think your ready for Thanksgiving photos with this layout!

Swan Lake 4

So, this is my whimsical layout using the Heart and Love thin cuts.  I did some splattering with watercolor paint (so stinkin’ easy to do) to add more texture.  It was so much fun to play with this layout, adding hearts and love thin cuts.  The gratitude and blessed are stickers and an option for you to use or not.

Swan Lake 5a

Do you love to use up your leftovers?  Me too!  I had to make these card ideas:

Swan Lake 5d

And If you love to create cards, here’s the Thankful for You card collection you can create with your scraps (or all on their own) from the same product line and adding the Stamp Set and Thin Cuts Bundle (or buy the stamp set separately):

Swan Lake 7b

When you make a product purchase of $30+ per kit, I will send you the cutting guide and directions.  My Monthly Rewards Clubs are doing just that right now! If you would like to JOIN, a new round of clubs will be starting in November.Click HERE to LEARN MORE.

You can make a purchase HERE on my WEBSITE

How do you choose?

Here I am sitting with the October Stamp of the Month in front of me….

Yuletide Joy

Wondering, “How do I choose?”  Oh my! So many colors, styles and designs!  I had such a hard time choosing which way to go …

Do I do Traditional (red and green)? “Yes!,” my husband would say.  (Don’t put things on an angle either. He’s not ready to go into that direction! LOL)  City Sidewalks would be the ticket:

City Sidewalks

Do I do Country?  Adding KRAFT or brown to to red and green?  I could use Rustic Home papers … hmmmm…


Do I go glamour, glitz and metro and use Uptown papers?


Oh, look at these ideas from Close To My Heart.  They used Swan Lake and chose blue (peacock) and gold with a sprinkling of red.  Very pretty, but I’m not feeling “blue” right know.

Swan Lake

Yuletide Joy SOTM

So what’s a girl to do?  Well, we are in the middle of renovating two bathrooms and one of the ‘new’ terms I learned (been out of the redecorating loop, so don’t mind me) .. is Transitional.  Sort of a mix between new and old, classic and modern but still trendy, but not over the top.  Just the right combination of style that adds a little pop and glitz, but is classic in style and design.  Ahh … now that is something I think I can try on for size and step a little out of my comfort zone. So here’s my palette and product line to work with:

SOTM Oh Deer

The product shown above can be combined or pick your favorites:

  1. Stamp Set:  Yuletide Joy, October Stamp of the Month
  2. Oh Deer paper pack
  3. All About the Gold Fundamentals Overlays (gold on one side, silver on the other). When you go to use this overlay, the silver side has a clear thin ‘onion’ skin you will need to pull off before gluing.  It protects the transparency and I used my rub and remove eraser to pull/start off at the corner (super easy to do!)
  4. Sea glass Cardstock .. color of the year!
  5. White and Gold twine or Uptown Ribbon
  6. Foil tape:  I used silver, but gold would work too
  7. Shimmer trim:  gold, silver, aqua or white works!
  8. Gold or Silver Sequins and Clear Bling
  9. I forgot to put this in the photo but it’s great! I used Metallic markers (gold/silver) to make dots and draw lines.
  10. Inks:  Sea glass, Bamboo, Slate or Whisper (many of the basics colors work)
  11. Basics Pigment Ink (slate, whisper, bamboo, or the browns)
  12. If you emboss, the Clear Detail powder works best with the Pigment inks (or use silver, gold or white powder)
  13. Value pack of White Cards and Envelopes

Seems like a lot of stuff, but it really isn’t.  You probably have most of these in your stash somewhere except for items #1-5.  So being a little frugal with my cuts where you can achieve 6 to 12+ cards per sheet, here’s a my creations:


I love this color combo: I cut 2″ off the gold side of the ‘chevron’ overlay and placed on top of the sea glass ‘star’ patterned paper and added gold shimmer trim. Both cards are of the same design (vertical and horizontal) card idea with the star: Note the gold lines and dots are made using the gold metallic marker. The star on the left is stamped in Bamboo ink and the star on the right is embossed with gold powder (bamboo pigment ink cube):


The present card (sketch from our Wishes card making book) is using thin lines silver overlay, slate pigment ink, waterbrush dipped in sea glass ink to color in slightly, and the shimmer brush to add a little dazzle.  I wanted to think out of the box with the triangle overlays and thought cutting ‘trees’ would be a cute idea and add a little bling. The overlays are easy to cut into trees by hand.


Do you hear Wedding Bells or Silver Bells?  (I had a challenging time with the photo, prettier in person). You can easily jazz it up with more silver ribbon, bling or foil at the top left corner and add “Congratulations on your Wedding .. or Anniversary,” or “Happy Holidays!”  I turned the overlay to the silver side and placed glue under the ‘dots.’

SOTM 8 (1)

Using the same paper, and keeping it really clean, crisp and mostly white, here’s the stocking.  I used our small tipped waterbrush and poppy and sea glass ink to color in the stocking. I used the gold side of the thin lines overlay:


If you are feeling inspired and would like to make a purchase, you can SHOP HERE on my WEBSITE. 

If you like Whimsical, I have only a few of these kits available to purchase directly from me.  The Kit creates 16 cards, 4 of each design (but you could make more) and is complete with paper, cardstock, aqua shimmer trim, grey/white twine, stamp set and (16) cards and envelopes.  It’s $35 and you can email me directly @ ilov2cr84u@gmail.com to make a purchase.  Here’s the adorable stamp set and card designs:

B1483 Penguin Season Greeting

Penguin 4 Penguin 3 Penguin 2 Penguin 1

If you have any questions, please email me @ ilov2cr84u@gmail.com.  

Or shop on my website HERE. 

These are SOLD OUT but …

Create Kindness

If you have been thinking of the Create Kindness Card Kit and wondering if you still have time to order it … the answer is … ONLY through ME.  These adorable kits are SOLD OUT with CTMH but I still have THREE in my possession along with some extra card bases, envelopes and circles for just $50 (a $65 value).

card bases

This all inclusive kit makes a great gift!  Here’s the contents:

Our mini stamp organizer that holds the complete kit!

A complete set of (24) 3×3 card bases, envelopes and circles for stamping on.

Mini Archival black ink & 2×2 block!

(8) “M” size stamps to use on the circles or inside the cards!

The above is an extra set of cards for only $11.65!  You can make a lot of handcrafted cards and the sky is the limit!  Besides creating the most convenient way and using them for gift cards …


You can also think BEYOND and have a lot of fun and craft them into regular size cards like these ideas below:



You can easily add our shimmer brush ($5.80) to JAZZ it up:


I love the markers and those who have taken the Card Buffet at the crops have even enjoyed applying paint with our small tipped water brush.  It’s simple and effective and these cards are super adorable and FUN to create!   Click HERE to view all the cards …

You’ll enjoy having it on hand to whip up some cards quickly!  So, if you are interested in the LAST 3 KITS, please email me @ ilov2cr84u@gmail.com.  The kit is $50; the extra bases $11.65 plus shipping to you.

Hurry … I can almost hear the email DING for the last 3 kits!

Blessed Beyond Measure

What a fabulous stamp set to add to your collection.  Here are some ideas I created with recipes of what I used to make certain items stand out.  If you take my Stamping Basics and Beyond stamp class, you would find yourself using some of these technques, kicking them up a notch.

Remember, this stamp set is available for $17.95 or only $5 with a $50 purchase exclusively during the month of September here on my WEBSITE.

Sept. SOTM

Sometimes, it’s the simple details that can make a card standout. Don’t you just love fall colors?  I created the card idea below using a RANDOM Stamped Background on swatches of cardstock and matching ink in Fern, Pomegranate & Goldrush.  Super easy and effective.


Using the same color palette of Fern, Pomegranate & Goldrush, I used our Confetti dry embossing folder, Circle Diffuser, Artbooking to cut the leaves in these sizes (two of the leaves are then stamped with the veins), and flaxen twine.  After I embossed the dot paper, I took goldrush ink and lightly swiped it across the dots to create this look.  The leaves were sanded before I stamped the interior.  The vine leaves were stamped in 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Fern ink.


Another card idea using the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation technique is shown below.  Plus I also used Rock N Roll to create the pumpkin on the card. I cricut cut the pumpkin and inked the stamp up in Tangerine ink. Then I rolled the edes of the stamp in Goldrush and stamped it on the cricut cut pumpkin.  Without reinking, I stamped the images in generational stamping onto the col. white card piece.  Add some twine and you’re done!


Stamping and piecing the pumpkin is super easy to do.  After creating two cricut cut pumpkins on tangerine cardstock, I then stamped both of them using the same colors and technique above (Rock N Roll).  Keeping one pumpkin as your base, sponge with Fern ink to color in the stem. Then you take the other stamped pumpkin and cut out the three center ‘ribs’ and sponge each rib with Goldrush ink. Pop up with pop dots onto the cutout, stamped pumpkin image #1 and add your twine. Loved the stem, berries and leaves … using a small waterbrush to color in the vine leaves.  I also did the TWO TONE stamping of the message but first dipping the message in Tangerine Ink, then dipping the top 1/2 into Goldrush to give it a two tone look.  (Sorry, the tangerine ink should be available soon)

20160913_071819-1 20160913_071949-1

I hope you enjoyed learning some of these ideas.  I highly recommend you taking this Stamping Basics and Beyond class so you can learn how cool these simple, yet effective techniques can change a look on a card or scrapbook page.

if you feel inspired and want to own this stamp set, you can go SHOPPING HERE.

How much added value is in a KIT of the Month?

I'm so excitedOne of the things I love about many of our workshops is the fact of everything being coordinated so you don’t have to figure it out.  So, when I start to create a “Kit of the Month,” I am working with these supplies which makes it so much easier to transform into 6 or more scrapbook pages and/or cards.

What is the value of a KIT I create?

11 Wall of Art cropFor those of you who have walked by my booth at a crop and look at all the artwork … or you read my blog posts about each Kit of the Month, and wonder what it all means … it’s ADDED VALUE in it’s finest form.

Here’s a quote from a valued club member, Jennifer B.:

“I absolutely LOVE being a member of Lynn’s KOTM program. She has amazing layouts each month with easy to follow cutting and assembly instructions. I love the way she includes and utilizes the different CTMH products. She incorporates stamps, inks, ribbons, embellishments, life cards, cricut cartridges and flip flaps. I have learned how to use products I haven’t tried yet. She has your shopping all broken down in an easy format for you. Thank you Lynn for always helping us create fun layouts for our scrapbooking!!”

  • Where else can you go and duplicate 6 to 8 full embellished pages for around added value$5-$6 per page?
  • Where else can you complete a kit that is coordinated and very usable each month for 6+ pages or cards?
  • Many times, it includes a set of BONUS pages and/or a CARD KIT.
  • Tips, how to’s and photos are included in the directions.  Links to a complete slideshow of artwork are always promoted as well.
  • Good Value: You are always taking your purchase out of the bag and creating with it! I try to consume as much as possible and I’ve heard this line, “When you do Lynn’s kits, all you have left is confetti!” … Well, I do my best!

Rustic Home 1

Each month, I challenge myself to find unique layouts to create so no two pages or kits look alike.  It shows you versatility and helps you think out of the box about a particular paper pack or theme. In addition, you become a better scrapbooker by incorporating the tips and tricks (ideas) into your own personal scrapbooking.

At a crop recently, Dawn C. commented to me as she was duplicating the Bonus pages below (from our Magical Disney Kit/ 8 page kit) and how it will be a great layout design to repeat using her scraps and such.  With 2×2′s; 5×5′s and fun accessories, you can easily enjoy another version with your pieces too:

Magical 5

Here’s another quote from Stephanie W. on being a Kit of the Month Club Member:

“Wow- I have been “in the club” for years! Thank you Lynn for making this so much fun and so easy. I am still amazed by the creativity and artwork in your pages every month! I look forward to my KOTM email and I have even started doing the cards too. Thanks for sharing your passion for creativity.”

heartfelt thank youThank you ladies for your kind words and compliments!  I love hearing them!

So, what are you waiting for?

  • If you are at a crop, you REALLY NEED to make a KIT purchase and I’ll sit down with you and show you how to use my cutting guide.  It’s free instruction and many of you do not utilize your paper trimmer to maximum capacity.  I will show you how and you’ll be amazed at what you didn’t know!
  • If you have been eyeing the Kits each month and wondering if this is for you, customer serviceYES it is!
  • If you are completely new to my Club, I actually “pick up the phone” and chat with you.  I want to know your experience with cutting guides and the best time to go over how to use mine.  I do NOT want you to be left in the dust, but will make an extra effort to walk you through it. (Who does that kind of customer service nowadays?)
  • Need more proof?  Check out MY CREATIONS Art Gallery and pages of artwork I have created over the years.

There is so much great value in each KIT, but being a  Monthly Rewards Club Member has even more value.

  • You can READ all the DETAILS HERE on this LINK. 
  • Clubs are forming right now to start up in OCTOBER.
  • It’s only a 5 month commitment which goes by so fast!
  • FREE Rewards are given out each month to the Club Hostess (it will be YOU during the 5 months period)
  • Anyone can join (customer, consultant, single scrapper/cardmaker, or you have a buddy or two)

added valueYou’re going to really enjoy creating fantastic layouts or cards each month that are all coordinated for you!  When you break it down to an unbelievable price point per page (or cards) and the high quality of each page (or cards) created, you will truly see the great VALUE you receive.

Email me @ ilov2cr84u@gmail.com to JOIN TODAY!

Do you love paper flowers?

I need to embark on my next project which is a wedding album for my son, Nicholas and his wife Daria.  I have all the photos printed and ready to go … now just to find the time. But what has me really excited is being able to add paper flowers in “my color theme” to this project without having to go to the store and scour the aisles for the exact match.  This makes me very happy!  Introducing our new Flower Market Cricut Collection which contains hundreds of designs (and can be purchased in a digital version here ):

Flower market 3

As always, our cricut collections come with 3 coordinating stamp sets and cardtock combo pack.  Flower Market contains Adventure cardstock combo which offers 7 new colors to our line!  Yeah!  Plus the stamp sets allow you to add ‘texture’ to your creations … and the sentiments are so pretty too!

Just think of the endless possibilities with this cartridge!  You know how we love to coordinate everything, so anytime you use CTMH cardstock or pattern paper, it will match all your workshop kits.  Check out these beautiful sunflowers:

Sunflower closeup

The wreath, 5 sunflowers, 8 leaves and “Our Family” were all cut from Flower Market cricut collection and I added depth by sponging the flowers; stamping a texture stamp (from the collection) onto the leaves

Sunflower wreath Here’s just ONE page of the booklet containing flower options. Oh my goodness … so many to choose from (three pages):

flower page

Have you ever wondered about images that can hold your flowers, like a vase, basket … or any holding container?  Well, here you go:

vessels to hold them

Do you love wreaths? Can I tell you that it is endless with the options you have on this cartridge to create for a layout or a card?  Is there enough time in a day to create them all? LOL

Wreaths so many

I know you love to look at fonts on a cartridge, and the Flower Market cartridge will NOT disappoint you:


Here’s a sample of a few items I created.  Absolutely love the wagon and bicycle and creating it in any color or size you can fit on your mat.  Plus the flowers have such depth when you add a little sponge, a little crinkle (bend) and pop ups:

Flower market sampling

When you look at some of the sentiments on this sheet below, I do like the ‘writing/script’ of the titles:


On the artwork below, Summer Days was from this cartridge and I cut it using our new Sea Glass Glitter paper:  It’s so pretty!


This is ONE OF THE BEST cartridges we offer and the ideas limitless!  You will never need a paper flower in a particular color as long as you have the cardstock to create it!  I love that idea!  If you click on this link, it takes you to the complete index for flower market cartridge.

Enjoy this cartridge today and SHOP HERE on my WEBSITE.