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Since 2005, I have been a vendor at Scrapping Retreats starting in New Jersey (where I used to live), traveling through the East Coast.  I have done hundreds of events over the years, traveling to Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine and New Hampshire (where I live now).  It’s been an amazing time and experience.

You’ve seen my set up … my catalog station, my WALLS of ART and kits, albums and organizational line that I have brought with me.  YES, I really do bring the STORE to you!

I’ve packed it all up each and every time and my VAN has been a blessing in getting it all in!  LOL   It’s been a lot of hard work and long hours and I have enjoyed almost every minute of it.

The best part though has been the FRIENDSHIPS I have made over the years … and the many people whose lives I’ve touched because of my passion for scrapbooking.  I’ve enjoyed teaching you with Close To My Heart products.  Some call me the ‘flip flap’ queen!  ha!

However, it is BITTERSWEET as I have decided to make the Spring of 2019 the last events that I will attend as a Close To My Heart vendor.


I will continue creating artwork and more as a Close To My Heart consultant.  However, I look forward to the next chapter of being more social … online.  Reaching those interested through my blog posts, my Facebook VIP group, on Instagram and sharing my passion for scrapbooking through You Tube videos.  But even sweeter to me continuing to share my creativity through my own venue, SERENITY CROPS!

This is where I can thrive and continue without having to set up and take down a store front. I have an intimate crop twice a month for up to 12 people that is affordable and personal!  If you haven’t heard of it before, make sure you check out my post HERE on this LINK.

I have pondered this day for some time and so appreciate your support.  I do hope you will make an effort to come and see me @ Serenity Crops.  You can expect everything I have delivered to you in the past @ a crop but HERE at my own cropping venue, Serenity Crops.

This is truly exciting for me as it will give me more time to create artwork, promote an online presence, and hold online classes through social media.  I am looking forward to the change!

Let me say this:

I love CHANGE! It is a CHALLENGE I willingly accept to see how far I can go, what more I can do, how I can break through to new beginnings and blaze a new trail that personifies who I am.  I’ve never been a quitter and have thrived on problem solving.  I love doing the math and puzzles (like my cutting guides … lol)!


Challenge accepted!

Let’s see how the pieces fit together and whether it will all add up to success!  With a happy heart  ….




22 Comments on “Lynn’s Last Tour”

  1. Good for you, we have to sometimes re-evaluate what we truly want and where to go next.
    I personally have always loved attending crops that you’re a vendor at; I love you classes always come away with a new technique and product.
    I look forward to attending my first Serenity crop with you.
    See u in April

    1. Thank you Roseann! I appreciate your kind thoughts and look forward to seeing you here @ Serenity Crops.

  2. I love your Serenity crops. It sounds like a lot of work taking everythin with you. I know I hate the part of packing to go to a crop and you being way more than the average person. Like you said you being your entire shop. Online presence is great! ! See you this weekend! !

  3. Oh no…. will miss seeing you at Crop on the Cape as my go to for supplies, classes and questions. Will definitely make an effort to go to your crops!! With my friends of course. Wishing you the best on your new adventure!!!

    1. Eileen .. I will be there in 2019 but that will be my last one. Thank you for your kind words and I really hope you DO come and crop here. Just try it on for size and see if it works for you …

  4. Oh that is great, Lynn! This will be much easier for you to manage, not having to lug everything all over creation! Chris and I will be back to Serenity Crops, so we will still see you! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Venna! It certainly will be better for me without having to box it up and … well you know! 🙂 I have enjoyed having you and Chris here and look forward to the next time I see you gals.

  5. Awwww you’re amazing! Tom & I are actually considering retiring in NH as our baby is a senior in HS! What town do you reside? Might be funny with 2 Colts Neck gals in close proximity! Sincerely, Anne Marie Wilson

    1. Thank you Anne Marie! Time flies doesn’t it? We LOVE it here and we live in a town called Newington, which is a part of Portsmouth. Portsmouth is on the coast and a fantastic town (similar to Red Bank but larger). The town offers an vast array of restaurants, music scene and has plenty of art programs. Great history of a town on the sea with two bridges into Maine. Maine is only 15 mins. from us and Massachusetts is only about 20 mins. heading south. We definitely made a great decision in moving here. We have a friend coming up tomorrow from Colts Neck to check it out as well. They are considering a move out of NJ and we want to share this great area with them. LMK if you want to come up for a visit …

  6. Hurray for you! You can count on me to continue coming to Serenity Crops – so relaxing there, the space is great, light and bright and so close to all the awesome things in Portsmouth. See you on October 5th!

    1. See you soon Denise! Thank you for your great support and wonderful comments. Happy to have you and Sherry attend.

  7. Good for you Lynn! Good luck to you in this next phase of your business. You work so hard so I have no doubt you’ll be successful in this endeavor as well. All the best.

    1. Thank you so much Joan! I’m looking forward to the change and have fingers crossed it will be a success. Hope to see you here @ Serenity Crops in the near future.

  8. Congrats Lynn. Perfect decision for you and yours. Look forward to hanging with you in your yard again soon

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