Norway in a Nutshell

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I am traveling on another adventure to visit my sister Diane, and my niece, Christie with her family. They have been living in Norway since Aug./Sept. and will be heading home in May.  This was an opportunity to take advantage of and enjoy a family visit. Here we are in the Center of Oslo, the Capital of Norway.

Even though my luggage took a side trip to London without me, I was still able to get it before Diane and I took off bright and early the next morning on a 4 hour train ride. We road through many small towns with scenic views. Once we arrived in Myrdahl, we changed trains to Flåm, only a one hour ride into the Village. This rail has quite a history and connects a few small villages to civilization.

I have travelled to many places and I have never felt quite deep in the heart of a valley like I did in Flåm. Surrounded by steep rocky mountains, this village is rustic, quaint and has just enough amenities to enjoy a great dinner, pub and one night stay for us.

This place is a destination to take the ferry through the Fjords or like us, the two hour outdoor adventure on a boat. Outfitted from woolen leggings and gloves, to overalls, hats, boots and goggles, we are NOW READY to sit outside and enjoy the ride. Was it cold? Oh yeah, just above freezing! Was it breathtaking? Absolutely! With an informative guide sharing the history and current conditions along the Fjord, it was a wonderful experience.

Within 30 mins. of getting out of our Icelandic gear, we are back on the one hour train ride out of the valley. We catch our main train for another 4 hours back to Oslo. Even though it was snowing, by the end of our ride, it was nightfall with brisk temps but no longer flurrying.

Our last two pit stops were for a delicious seafood dinner at Fiskeriet Youngstorget. A local fishmonger and restaurant in one offered a simple dining experience. The Halibut Cerviche and Seafood Casserole were so, so good! Yum! And just around the corner was our nightcap for a drink at Himkok. We toasted to our great adventure as our Norway in a Nutshell comes to an end.

Next stop: Italy! The sister trip continues ….

6 Comments on “Norway in a Nutshell”

  1. AMAZING! Beautiful scenery and what a wonderful sister-sister adventure.
    Can’t wait to see the next adventure.
    kos deg

  2. Wow! You are the world traveler. Looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see the albums you put together from this adventure 😊

  3. Happy to follow your sister adventure. Travel safe to you both and have the time of your lives. See you when you return. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    1. Thank you and trying to do my best. When using a real camera… Can’t share those. So I am trying to take a few with my phone. Makes it fun to share. See you next weekend!

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