Come and See for Yourself … Serenity Crops

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If you are looking for a new place to crop at, a place that offers bright natural light, no stairs, comfortable surroundings and is affordable … well come on over and check Serenity Crops out!  Also, think GIFT CERTIFICATE for you or a loved one for our 2019 schedule.  It will make a really great gift!  With space for up … Read More

Serenity Crops … an intimate escape for Crafting

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One of the reasons I moved to New England 6 years ago was to offer customers an inexpensive, peaceful getaway for their crafting needs.  So, Serenity Crops was born and offers complete intimacy for up to 12 people!  Plus my personal service to answer any questions, teach a technique and share my artwork has always been available to those that … Read More

Serenity Crop 2018 Schedule UPDATED

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It’s been nice seeing YOU these past few months @ Serenity Crops!  I look forward to seeing more of you here too!  It’s a great place and I’ve updated the DATES for the FALL.  Are you looking for an inexpensive getaway to create for SCRAPPING or CARDMAKING?  Whether for a day, two days or for a three day weekend retreat, … Read More