APRIL: 9 great reasons to sign up!

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1. Everyone who signs up in April will be a Consultant receiving a minimum of a 22% discount at least until the end of September (the usual 6 months).  Of course you have the opportunity to earn more (in free product and $$).  Plus it will be easy to remain a consultant with new product and incentives on the horizon.

2. Anyone who signs up in April can order from FIVE different idea books during that time frame. There will be two annual catalogs and three seasonal mini-catalogs available from April to September (last month of Expressions 1, Expressions 2, Holiday Expressions, 2016-17 Annual Idea Book and 2017-18 Annual Idea Book!).

3. New Consultants get to start ordering new product in Seasonal Expressions 2 at a discount in April vs. waiting until May and paying full price as a customer.  Don’t you love being the first to get your hands on new product?  You’ll do a happy dance!

4. New Consultants get to start ordering Live Beautifully items NOW.  Oh my goodness, you are in for such a treat!  Stunning, amazing, beautiful and three workshops could be created with directions for you to follow!  Cards, layouts and simple and elegant cut above 10 page kit!

5. Consultants who sign up in April get a FREE Cut Above kit of their choice (photo above shows either “baby” or “always and forever”).  Sweet!

6. Consultants who sign up in April still have an opportunity to sign up for Convention (registration closes April 30).  Unveiling of a new catalog and products!  Classes for business and creative instruction!  A community of women who love what we do!  

7. Consultants who sign up in April get Seasonal Expressions 2 catalogs in their kit. This gives them an opportunity to get people excited about the May product release!  Why?  In May, when a hostess (and this can be YOU!) submits $350 in sales, she gets a FREE Live Beautifully Cut Above kit ($44.95 value) on top of $60 or more in free products and 1/2 price items!  

8. When your sales increase so does your free select product credit (SPC) “bank account” from CTMH.  When you reach $400 in sales, you’ve earned an additional $25 in SPC.  Did you know that Consultants can also be hostesses? SCORE!

9. Consultants who sign up in April give themselves the BEST chance at a really strong SALES start!  With National Scrapbooking Month in May and our special Live Beautifully product line promotions, you can have a banner month in May! You have April to book up that calendar for May and insure GREAT sales, which equals a GREAT start!

Why wait?!

It’s such a fabulous opportunity to be apart of something great and rewarding!

The time is now to JOIN Close To My Heart here on my website.