My new adventure: Magnolia and Vine

In General Information by Lynn Como

I’m excited to share my newest adventure with you: Magnolia and Vine!  Since I love color, design and accessories, this new line of products really  caught my eye!  What drew me in is the fact the SNAPS (charm-like) are interchangeable!  So, when you know what colors you wear or have in your wardrobe, you can easily KEEP your MAIN PIECE (necklace, bracelet, earrings) and CHANGE OUT the very affordable SNAP (the colorful, bling style SNAP) to fit your fashion!  Oh, and the line is hypoallergenic too!

I LOVE this concept and it’s extremely reasonable!  Snaps run from $6.99 to $15.99 and when you buy 4, the 5th snap (of equal or lesser value) is FREE!  Chains, pendants, pins, bracelets and necklaces run from $12.99 up to $49.99, with most being in the ‘lower to middle of the road’ price range.

You’re INVITED!! Why not stop by on Friday May 19th starting @ 6:00 pm and view all the many pieces I have to show you?  If you will be in the area that weekend (Sat. and Sunday (May 20th/21st), I can set up a time with you to visit.  Just let me know.  In addition, I’ll also have new products and Seasonal Expressions from Close To My Heart for you too!

64 Gundalow Landing in Newington (Portsmouth) NH


Text or Call:  732 -266-1287

 Free SNAP when you bring a friend with you!

When you attend my Social and place an order, you’ll receive a FREE pair of post earrings (while supplies last).  These are a $19.99 value and you can pick out two mini snaps, starting you on your way to earning a SNAP for free!

If you can’t make it, MAY is my birthday month and you can place an order HERE on my WEBSITE, and join the Social “It’s my Birthday Party.”   


There are additional customer specials … click here to view them all.  Would you like to earn free product?  HOST a SOCIAL (special gift for hostesses each month) and get a first hand look at this line.

One of the coolest features you have to look forward to is Vine Design!  It’s a tab at the top of my website … so click on it (under arrow on my website) to get started.  It gives you the opportunity to play with your pieces and add snaps at a glance!  Here’s a quick TUTORIAL:

Step #1:  This will POP up in front of you and you want to click on Let’s Get Creative found on my website.

Step #2:  Click on the #1 and choose your collection:  original and mini.  Once you do that, go to #2 and pick out your base piece (bracelet, necklace, pendant, etc.) and play with any one of them.  Lastly #3 will be where you find the SNAPS that fit in with the original or mini collection.  There are so many to choose from.

Step #3:  Now you can see I’ve done all 3 steps above and have started to play around and drag and drop a SNAP into the bracelet.  It shows me how pretty it looks (or not) when you play and view each SNAP that you are attracted to. (Tip: match your wardrobe colors for a style/color or … go neutral for your everyday look.)

Step #4:  I love this feature! If you LIKE/LOVE the look, click under it onto Add To Wish List.  

When you do, it SAVES your pieces for you.  You can add another SNAP and Add to Wish List. It SAVES everything you ask it too (it does not automatically add to your shopping cart).  You can email it (to a friend or yourself) or print out your Wish List for when you are ready to place your order.

Please NOTE:  When you are ready to ADD items to your Shopping Cart, it DOES save  it for the future. So, once you start to play, print out your wish list and add your items to your shopping cart and make sure you JOIN my “It’s my Birthday Party” Social.  Thank you!

You’ll LOVE having this FEATURE of VINE DESIGN to view what a necklace or bracelet looks like with your SNAP of choice!  It’s a fantastic view of what a piece looks like before you purchase it.

From casual to classy to summer fun!

Magnolia and Vine has something for YOU!




Visit HERE on my WEBSITE, and join the Social “It’s my Birthday Party.”