YOU mean the MOST

In General Information by Lynn Como

I know we all get busy with life. And as women and moms, we need to take care of ourselves (we make us our last priority). Make sure you schedule your mammography, exams and yearly doctor visits.

As you get older, please add skin doctor to your list. I’m prone to moles and will be having another basal cell that will need to be removed. I also will be having another colonoscopy (for me, every 3 years). I feel great, but this is all precautionary (fingers crossed) and are important to good, long lasting health.  A few other reminders came in from other concerned women:  eye doctor, blood work, hearing check.  I’m sure the list goes on but you know what you need to do, right?

I hope you take the time to make your health a priority and schedule it.

Nothing is more important than YOU! SO look at your calendar, make those calls and take great care of yourself today.

Have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!