I’m looking for two more Queens …

In Join Kit of the Month Club by Lynn Como

I’m looking for YOU to join our Kit of the Month/Monthly Rewards Club starting up in June through October.  This club is all about buying on a monthly budget, earning free and discounted product and creating beautiful artwork that’s duplicatable!  I can share many of the benefits on this front page, but it’s all here in this document.

Would you like to create artwork like this on a budget each month?

Do you love getting things for FREE?

As a hostess, you enjoy a minimum of $25 in free product, but it could be $40, $60 or more!  So many items can be earned for free and as a hostess, you don’t have to do a thing!  I do all the planning for you and let you know how much you’ve earned!

Would you enjoy items @ 1/2 price?

Many of my clubs hit the $250 in sales mark and when that happens, you can enjoy any item of your choice @ 1/2 price!

What’s the CATCH?

There is no ‘catch!’ and it costs nothing to join!  Each month, my promise to you is to create a minimum of 6 pages per kit (sometimes I create 8 to 10) and do my best to offer you a card workshop to use up your scraps.  Now that’s ADDED VALUE!

How do I JOIN?

You can email me @ ilov2cr84u@gmail.com to JOIN of if you have any questions.  Why not ask a buddy to join with you?  And if you run solo in the crafting world, I have plenty of gals who do too and are a part of one of my clubs.  You don’t need to have a group of your own.  You are more than welcome to join mine!  More information can be found HERE.

OK .. sounds good, right?!  I hope to hear from you and will be in touch the 1st week of June.