Giveaway & August Specials with Magnolia & Vine

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This blog post is jammed packed with the new product line from Magnolia and Vine:

  1. Free Giveaway in August!
  2. New Catalog featuring jewelry, accessories and …
  3. New VERSA Collection and special offer!
  4. Be a Hostess
  5. We Need YOU … it could be FREE
  6. MVIP Subscription … goodies every month!

What do I need to do?

  1. Go to my Website HERE and click on SHOP NOW (bottom left)
  2. Make ANY PURCHASE of $50 or more
  3. For each $50 purchase, you’ll earn a CHANCE to WIN!
  4. Prize:  FREE Versa Collection Handbag of your choice!  It’s a $90 value!
  5. Good luck!  Check out more information below on our VERSA collection.

New Catalog is HERE:

We have a new catalog filled with beautiful jewelry, accessories and new line of Versa Collection … and much, much more!  Read on for the details!

When I worked on Wall Street, I was always excited for Fall and new fashion trends.  I loved to shop for new clothing, accessories, shoes and jewelry every year.  I can remember my favorite skirts, the warm colors of the season and how I felt during this season. That’s what is so exciting for me about Magnolia and Vine!  It has the same feel and design of getting excited of what’s new and on trend for the season!  Click here to view our new catalog online.  It’s stunning!


Almost too chic to believe, Versa is our new line of customizable handbags. Beautifully constructed with gorgeous details and luxe materials, these modern marvels let you change your bag by changing your Accents, setting off your whole look without having to remove and replace the contents. Redesign your perfect sidekick, from daytime to after hours, over and over again.  










You can PLAY HERE , creating your own unique handbag look and take advantage of this special offer:

Be a Hostess!

Whether you book your own Social or we create an ONLINE Party, you can earn fabulous FREE and discounted jewelry, accessories or handbags! Check out this special for August:

We need YOU!

When you wear your jewelry, do you get compliments on it? Do you love the SNAP accessory line and the unique look you can create with these very affordable and trendy pieces? Are you excited to see the new line and winter apparel?  Well, if you so, we need you to share the LOVE!  

You can check out the three SIGN UP options HERE on this LINK.  You can get started for as little as $99 and earn back your cost with the special above.  I would love to help you get started!

New MVIP Subscription Program:

Love our Snaps? Ready to treat yourself to a delightful little surprise you deserve? Want new and exclusive Snaps delivered to your doorstep every month? Then subscribe today, and get ready to shine.

Choose from month-to-month or annual subscription plans – each includes FREE Shipping:

  • MVIP Mini Snap Series – Get 3 new, exclusive Snaps (12mm) each month
  • MVIP Original Snap Series – Get 2 new, exclusive Snaps (18 mm) each month

These specially designed, limited edition Snap assortments are available only to MVIP members. We just know you’ll adore these beautiful, handpicked designs, month after month.  You can start your SUBSCRIPTION HERE on this LINK (this could be 4 chances to WIN!)

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