Save $50 on our Versa Handbag Bundle

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Last chance to have Save $50 on a BUNDLE

  One BAG … three different looks for $99!

We are now officially in the Fall season and will be carrying a little more in our pocketbooks, right?  Wallet, phone, tissues, gloves, glasses, makeup, keys … more stuff as it gets colder.  Brrr!  However, do you like to change up the look of your bag WITHOUT having to change OUT your contents?  Here’s a great comment by Christine F.:

“I thought of another thing about how awesome that pocketbook is going to be for me.  I like to switch my pocketbooks all the time for different looks but HATE the moving everything from one pocketbook to another, but with this one, I get so many different looks with such ease and don’t need to move anything!”

Thanks Christine!  And Kim loves her new bag too! 

Check out  how easy it is. Each bag comes with two handles and we offer a few more choices that are super easy to change out of … in a SNAP!  So versatile for any style, from day to night without having to change the contents of your pocketbook!  Just change the accent “flap.”

Want to know a little more?  See inside the bag?  What kind of straps it comes with (there are two per bag!)?  Curious to learn the details?  View the video below:

Right now, when you JOIN Lynn’s SOCIAL HERE, you can add the order #’s below (in black starting with V0)to the bundles of your choice (five to choose from) and have it shipped directly to you for only $7.99 shipping.  Even though the deal is ending, I can have you add it to my social I will be closing out on 10/21.  So, please use the item #’s below to order your bundle. Contact me if you would like my assistance.  

Lastly, you can choose from the list below and save 50% … ONE of everything while supplies last. SWEET!  Please Join Lynn’s Social and place a $50+ order order to receive the discount.


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