Our Post Bound albums … what you should now

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As you know, I’m passionate about scrapbooking.  I’ve been using quality albums and an avid scrapbooker since 1998.  I’ve only used Close To My Heart albums and love the quality and design.  Over the years, we changed the ‘make and model’ from leather … to linen … to simulated leather … to faux leather … and then canvas .. and back to faux leather.  The colors are classic again and these are still my favorite albums.

I like to scrap knowing I can fill my book with about 25 page protectors (that’s 50 pages) in one album.  Sometimes though I add flips, buttons and items that add thickness, so the amount I can get in a book may vary.  I’m okay with creating a 2nd volume if need be.  But I’ve always enjoyed being able to create ONE book per theme.  I have about 20+ books in my collection from over the years (probably like you!).

It is with regret to inform you that Close to My Heart is making another change to the ‘make and model.’  It’s not a radical change, but something YOU should be aware of.  Here’s the statement we received:

“We have received feedback that many Consultants and customers prefer starting their album with a 1″ post until they have enough layouts to need the larger 1½” post. Consequently, we have decided to include 1″ posts in post-bound albums in place of the 1½” posts. Some album styles are already being shipped with 1″ posts. All remaining styles will be updated to include 1″ posts as soon as we have sold through our inventory of albums with 1½” posts.”

If you know me (many of you do), I had to speak my mind and voice my opinion and concern about this change. I’m not happy about it and felt you should know.  I even asked for a compromise … decrease the price of an album without the posts, and sell the posts separately so YOU have a choice.  We do sell both posts in 1″ and 1 1/2″ sizes for $5.95/$6.95 for a 3 pack now anyway … so why not, right?

However, I’m ONLY ONE VOICE!  I’m tired of the negative commentaries getting CHANGE.  We need the positive opinions to make a difference.

If YOU feel this doesn’t work well for you, please send an email to CTMH HERE:  ctmhoffice@closetomyheart.com

Thank you!  Your support speaks volumes.

Lynn Como Close to My Heart Consultant