Celebrate the Friendships and Create Lasting Memories

In Join Kit of the Month Club, Vending at these Crops by Lynn Como

Since 2001, I’ve been offering a Kit of the Month Club that definitely celebrates friendships and creates lasting memories for life!  I had the pleasure of taking this photo with 20 gals who are currently in my clubs or have been a participant over the years.  It’s amazing to see so many of you and knowing you CELEBRATE what I LOVE to DO … inspiring you to create artwork each month and enjoy the perks of being in the club:

  • Front row:  Amanda Armstrong, Deb Premont, Deb Gadd, Chris Paparelli, Kim North, Crystal McFarlane
  • 2nd row:  Christine Fitch, Sharon Giannicchi, Krista Mikkelson, Andrea Tobin, (me), Stacey Kimmett
  • Back row:  Rachel Richards, Kathy Cirillo, Kim Framski, Cheryl Brophy, Jan Caldon, Jenn Leal, Eileen Turner & Nicole Girolomo

And there were gals who missed the photo shoot but were in attendance:  Veronica Teidt, Tanya Snell, Bonnie Perron, Doreen Klett, Beth Isaf-Lauri, Dee Pierce, Dawn Feinstein to name a few more.

I was excited to see some of these gals too:  Venna Carroll (left photo) is one of my club members who happens to be the Hostess this month! Way to go Venna!  Christine Fitch (right photo) earns the title of  “Longest Club Member” and has been a faithful member (no breaks at all) for almost 10 years!  Thank you for your friendship over the years as well as your loyalty to SU! and my club!  Now that’s a testimonial to being completely satisfied with the program!

Wondering why all these gals are smiling?  Well being in the club has so many perks, benefits, buying on a budget each month, free rewards and products!  Jane Murphy is signing up to JOIN my Clubs starting in February through June.  Want to know more and how to get involved?  Please read this information and sign up today!  Scrappbooking queens are welcomed and cardmakers too!  There are NO FEES to join!  Purely product purchase shipped right to your door!

This past weekend was an amazing celebration for Cool Crops in Cromwell CT.  I created the above layout, precut and ready to be stamped and 40 croppers signed up for this kit.  They stamped the background, thin cut our ‘celebration’ and enjoyed taking photos of this weekend as a memento of a great time!  Everyone enjoyed such a major celebration and I was so happy to be a part of it.

Cris and Cara hosted their 100th Cool Crop retreat with 130 croppers!  It started off on Wednesday night with appetizers and specialty drinks called “Cool Crops Koolaid” and “Cropmopolitan.”  Yes, I love when YOU gals drink my ‘koolaid’ … SU!!

Next up was a poolside movie showing Cool Crops from years ago through now.  Oh my, it brought tears to my eyes to see so many gals I have gotten to know over the years scrapping and having an awesome time.  I realized how many relationships have been made and stood the test of time.  Plus the amount of gals that have benefited by Cris, Kandi, & Cara’s timeless efforts in providing these amazing retreats.  A big thanks to these gals and their newest team addition, Beth Isaf-Lauri who created the fantastic slideshow with music of this revival of Cool Crops … Celebrating 100!

On Thursday am, 7 of the vendors started to set up their booths.  I know many of you realize how much work goes into carting, hauling, unpacking and setting up our booths … and then working from am to pm each weekend.  And we gladly do it FOR YOU!

Over the years, we all have gotten to know one another and appreciate when we work so well together.  We carry different product lines and our styles may differ … but ultimately none of us are above the other.  YOU get to pick and choose the style and person that works best for you.  Thank you for making my time worthwhile when I attend.  It means the WORLD to me!

Lastly, I guess you have to say there are so many ways to celebrate friendships.  But I can honestly say some of these ladies take it to the next level!  It’s a girls weekend for sure … but it goes far beyond creating memories on paper.  It’s about the heart … your heart and giving a piece of it that connects to another heart … and another heart.  It all comes down to the LOVE and CARING each of you have for another and you get to celebrate it in a way that most do not understand.  Here’s to the party girls; or the groups of gals that make their weekend a blast because of this connection … from the hand ..to the heart … to the soul of a cropper!  Now that’s a SCRAP (not a wrap)!

To be continued … another weekend awaits you crazy ladies!  I can’t wait to see you in Andover and Portsmouth or here at my personal Serenity Crops weekend retreats.