Just take a chance ….

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Once in a while you take a chance, a very small risk and reap the MOST BENEFITS!  Well, I did back in 1995 when I signed up with SU! (then it was DOTS – Dozen of Terrific Stamps) and the kit cost $235.  It was filled with wooden stamps like Lenny the Lamb, geese, cats, farm animals and things I really wasn’t into.  Even though they didn’t appeal to me, the opportunity to buy what I want @ a DISCOUNT did!  Best decision ever … and still going strong after 22 years.  That’s a testimonial to a quality product line, a great company and personal efforts.  If I hadn’t taken the risk, we would never have met; I wouldn’t live in New England; been on so many great vacations or created so many wonderful designs and filled my scrapbooks!

I want to invite you to do the same … take a chance … a very small risk and TRY it on for size with NO PENALTIES!  There are so many wonderful benefits when you sign up this month with Close To My Heart.  Really think about how much you spend on crafts and you’ll realize that $75 does not even come close for some of you.  But here’s what you can count on for your $75 investment:  over $280 in products and goods!  When have you received that?


  1. You immediately can pick out $50 worth of kits, stamps, inks, blocks, etc. … basically a $50 coupon for FREE when you sign up!  That’s an amazing deal!
  2. You are receiving FOUR exclusive Stamps of the Month which has over a $70 value!  No one else has them and they are beautiful!
  3. You also receive a beautiful box delivered to your door containing new products, stamps, catalogs and samples of papers to share or keep for yourself.  Over a $200 value!
  4. Yes, you can be the hostess and earn your free rewards PLUS commissions PLUS more free bonuses as you hit small, tangible goals.  That’s totally up to you!

Just TAKE A CHANCE for such a minimal cost of $75 (plus tax/shipping).

  • No penalties.
  • No downside like having to send anything back.
  • No high # of sales … sell $300 by August 31st to remain active.
  • YES, SU! has workshops/guides you can download & use for all of our kits!
  • YES, SU! has images you can share of the workshops or creations from the kits!
  • YES, I can help you get off to a running start if you want to earn free products or an income!
  • YES, I am available to help you with your hobby or grow it into more.  The choice is yours!
  • Perhaps you were a former consultant and would rather NOT have the kit?  We’re offering you a no-kit sign-up option during April that will let you sign back up for just $50! 
  • If you would like to see the complete Consultant Kit and Details on the Promotion, please click HERE.  You can sign up HERE too.


Lynn Como Close to My Heart Consultant