Family Treasures

In Story Starter by Lynn Como

In the past few weeks, spring cleaning has taken on a whole new meaning around here!  Blowing off the dust of some of the most precious boxes you can have and finding family treasures in each.  I’m sure you have plenty of these photos or boxes around.  If not you, then your parents or siblings.  However, if  YOU are the STORYTELLER in your family, then it may be up to you to create your family history.

Yep, so I’ve gone through the old photos and it’s not like we have a TON to choose from.  But they are special.  I’ve decided to put them in a book along with the photos I have of my mom and dad’s wedding and honeymoon.  It was in the 1940’s.  We are not talking a ton of these mementos. We’re talking limited quantity and quality.

I’ve decided to create just a few pages for each of the siblings.  Looks like 4 pages per person with the number of photos I have.  I want to keep it neat because … well … it’s more important to get them stored properly than to keep them hidden in a dusty old box. I’ve chosen simple and elegant.  It’s the way to go for me …

I just love this photo of my sister Diane.  I was so glad to find a few school photos too.  She was an adorable little girl and turned into a beautiful woman.  I love the stunning photo of her looking into the future:

I have two brothers and this is RAY.  Oh my gosh … I really miss him.  He was teased by my siblings for his blue eyes and blonde hair. We are all brown eyed/darker hair children and Ray was the only one with baby blues and blonde (I’m a strawberry blonde/brown kind of gal with highlights.  lol).  Anyway … I just love his baby and graduation photos.  This is all I could find of him in my box so I made the best of it.

Eventually, I will write some personal thoughts. I still need to add a few more pages of my oldest brother, Walter and then myself.  Then a few of a family at Christmas and summer vacation.  However, right now I’ll be putting it away  so I can work on a baby album for my niece Nora Ann.  It will be her first 12 months of life photos.  She is going to be turning TWO on July 7th and I want to gift it.  So, that’s my plan … to keep scrapping the memories and cherish the love of family.

I encourage you to do find the time to go through your boxes and photos.

Try to collect what you can and use only what you want too.

This is going to be an ongoing but very important  and worthwhile process.

Please take the time to tell your  story of  your family and loved ones.  It’s such a good read!     Xo … xo

Lynn Como