Birthday Cheer Card Kit: LAST FOUR KITS!

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Wow! Cards have gotten quite pricey these days! I broke down and bought two cards recently for my July MEN (husband & son).  Why? Well, this time round I didn’t feel like writing the sentiment which I usually do! HOLY SMOKES!  $5.50 to $9 a card?  Seriously? Alrighty then … let’s get a handle on creating birthday cards on a budget!

Here is a great kit I created that’s PRECUT for you!  I know you LOVE that!  Well these cards will be super quick for you to duplicate, right? And they really can be for anyone .. children and adults.  Love the colors and versatility and I used our Birthday Cheer Picture My Life Cards (PML) to create them.   Sorry .. no cutting guide … it was easier for me to cut them up then to draw it out.

Birthday Cheer PRECUT Card Kit details:

Cost:  $32 plus 1st class postage (or more if you buy more than 1 full kit)

The kit creates 14 cards & includes:

  • The birthday stamp set shown in photo
  • 14 cards/envies
  • Precut pieces
  • Colorful dots to make all 14
  • Inks needed:  Black, Poppy (red) or likeness; Pacifica (med. blue) or likeness
  • I do recommend having pop dots or foam tape to add a little depth to the cards
  • If you want to add on a 2nd set of precut cards & dots, it’s $15.
  • Basically, only $1 p/card which are super adorable.  Plus the stamp set can be used again and again, even for birthday invites.

Quantity is limited.    Kits will be shipped by August 8th or sooner!    Paypal accepted!

Contact me to make your purchase.

Here’s a closeup look @ the stamp set but check out my TIP below:

Here’s a tip for you when it comes to the #’s shown above:

Even though I didn’t do it this time, I would actually cut off (yep, CUT OFF) the strip of the clear sheet with the #’s and detach it from the full sheet of stamps.  Keep the #’s all in a row (the way they are right now) and using Washi Tape, adhere the strip of #’s to your block.  Ink up, stamp it on your card or layout as a border and color in the # (or #’s) you want to highlight for a birth date, celebration, anniversary date, etc.  It can be a super cute and way EASIER to use versus taking EACH # off the sheet and lining them up perfectly.  Saves you a LOT of TIME too!


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