Monthly Rewards Clubs are forming now for Fall through 2019

In Join Kit of the Month Club by Lynn Como

I’m looking for YOU to join our Kit of the Month/Monthly Rewards Club starting up in October and running for 5 months through February 2019. This club is all about buying on a monthly budget, earning free and discounted product and creating beautiful artwork that’s duplicatable!  Every month, you can opt to purchase a scrapbooking workshop or a card making workshop, or products of your choice!  Plus with all new HOLIDAY products, you get the benefits of buying them now before they are gone!

Would you like to create artwork like this on a budget each month?

For the past few years, I have been creating at least 8 pages (sometimes more) per kit!  I give a very descriptive shopping list and you are invited to check out the artwork only available to YOU, my club members.  It’s a great opportunity to USE your PURCHASE to it’s maximum and consume it!  Many of my members agree they get the most out of their purchases as well as FREE REWARDS when they are the hostess (online… that is!).  So no matter where you live, you can be apart of the CLUB and get ALL the BENEFITS.  It’s a win – win!

Do you love getting things for FREE?

As a hostess, you enjoy a minimum of $25 in free product, but it could be $40, $60 or more!  So many items can be earned for free and as a hostess, you don’t have to do a thing!  I do all the planning for you and let you know how much you’ve earned!

Would you enjoy items @ 1/2 price?

Many of my clubs hit the $250 in sales mark and when that happens, you can enjoy any item of your choice @ 1/2 price! (Cricut collections, organizational systems, bundles, albums, etc.  What would you like for half price?)

What’s the CATCH?

There is NO CATCH!  It costs nothing to join!  Each month, my promise to you is to create a minimum of 6 pages per kit (I’ve been creating 8 though and sometimes 10!) and do my best to offer you a card workshop to use up your scraps.  Now that’s ADDED VALUE!

How do I JOIN?

Email me @ to JOIN or if you have any questions.

Why not ask a buddy to join with you?  

Or … if you run solo in the crafting world, I have plenty of gals who do too and are a part of one of my clubs.  You don’t need to have a group of your own.  You are more than welcome to join mine! More information can be found HERE.

Oh, if you are wondering about cutting?  I’ve created this you tube video that shows you how:

OK .. sounds great, right?!  I’m looking to hear from you!  I will be in touch the 1st week of July.

Lynn Como Close to My Heart Consultant