New Products and a NEW Club await YOU!

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LIVE from Serenity Crops with Lynn Como


Oh my gosh … we have so much in store for you with Close To My Heart! 

You don’t want to miss out.  

Thursday, August 29th! @ 8:00 pm EST

Come on over to my Facebook Page CLICK HERE and “LIKE” my page to bookmark it.  I will be going LIVE … to show you the new catalog and what is coming your way! Y

You’re definitely going to want it all!  I truly mean that as I sat drooling over the new products.  Stunning, beautiful, amazing … ALL of IT!  So why not JOIN my CLUB and earn FREE PRODUCT?

It helps the budget, the pocketbook and makes a crafty gal like you happy, Happy, HAPPY!  Do the happy dance!

So if you miss out on seeing the LIVE, it will be saved for you to watch the replay on my page.  But … really … the CLUB is the BEST PLACE to BE! I create beautiful artwork for you to buy the products, USE and CONSUME.  Read all the details below …

NEW .. NEW … NEW ..

THIN CUTS are FREE Rewards!

Would you like to JOIN A Monthly Reward Club? This club offers you the opportunity to earn FREE products and Rewards ONCE out of five months as the hostess.  Rewards start @ $25 but most clubs reach the $40 to $60 in freebies and any item @ 1/2 price. Plus the chance to unlock special bundles for hostesses only!  I love rewarding my customers with free products for their loyalty to a five month commitment to the Club.  It is all done online so you don’t life a finger to send out emails or follow up calls.  I do all that for you!  YOU can reach out to your friends and family when it’s your turn at being the hostess so you increase your rewards level.  But that is totally up to you!

YES .. YES … YES ..

New Catalogs … that’s TWO!

One of the perks of the Club though is every month, I create artfully designed pages and a shopping list for you to shop from.  With a qualifying order, you receive the FILES for you to duplicate the artwork.  Many are 8 or more pages of layouts, helping you to consume your purchase and fill your albums.  And when I can … I use up my scraps and create them into CARDS!  Double the Pleasure!

And coming starting September will be a new Bi-Monthly Expressions and a Core Product Catalog … FREE with your September order.  So signing up in September gives you the opportunity to get BOTH books for FREE!  With hot off the press NEW products, kits, stamps, thin cuts and programs, you will be CRAFT-ILY INSPIRED!  Plus, we have a new promotion as September is National Stamping Month!

As a special PERK for club members, I have added value to those who enjoy attending a cropping retreat. You have an opportunity to save 20% on your registration fee for a Serenity Crop! 

Here’s how it works: 

Please note:  whenever you join for the 5 month period, that is your opportunity to attend a crop and get your 20% discount. So if you start in May, you can save through September, and so on for each club TERM (usually 5 months, sometimes 6 months).

  • Register for any of my Serenity Crop Events in August through December.
    1. Pick your Serenity Crop date from my Event Calendar
    2. Come one, two or all three days (click HERE to READ my latest info on Serentiy Crops)
    3. Register via email and receive 20% discount on your cropping fee!
    4. As a club member and d.  Your discount will be given at the time of payment so you save immediately!
  • Why join the Club?  There are lots of reasons …
    1. Buying on a budget each month (minimum of a $35 purchase in product)
    2. With your first order, you’ll also receive the newest edition of our catalog for FREE!  It’s included in your order!
    3. Taking a turn at being the hostess (in name only).  I create the club, send out the emails and YOU get the REWARDS!
  • Want more?  Well, with your qualifying purchase, you receive the Club Artwork for 6, 8 or more kit of the month pages.
        1. Complete with slideshow of artwork
        2. Cutting guide and photos emailed directly to you
        3. I send out a detailed email with a shopping list and links to the product line so you get all the information!
        4. Oh!  … You also are made aware of all the promotions CTMH offers each month:  stamp of the month or the various promotion(s) available for a limited time.
  • What’s the timeline in placing my order for the club?  Great question!
    • Each month, the KOTM email goes out by the 10th.
    • Your order is placed directly on my website online by the 10th of the month.
    • Your order gets shipped directly to you!  I love that!
    • Lastly, when you are the hostess, I encourage you to send out emails to friends and family to build your sales up for your own online show.
      • I work closely with you on placing your order at the very end AFTER all the orders are in!  Why?  So you know exactly where you stand, how much you have earned, how close you are to the next level too!
      • I also “do my magic” and have you send me your order and wish list.  I can help you make the most of your order by letting you know what is for free and what I recommend you do to save the most $$!  It’s been a win-win for all of my hostesses!
      • Because everything is done online, you have no orders to give out and ALL the REWARDS are yours that you have earned through your club and any outside orders you gain!  Wow!  It’s been an amazing program!

Well, I hope you are inspired and want to JOIN NOW!  Please share this post with your friends and do it together!  Buddies are great to have to motivate you and work together on your pages.

You can CONTACT ME today to JOIN! Clubs are starting in September as well as October.

Which month works best for you?