Online Class Coming Your Way!

In Virtual Online Class by Lynn Como

Layered Leaves:  A Thin Cut Class for You!

This is just one of those sets that you will be excited to have in your Crafting Basics stash!  The variety of uses are endless from Autumn, Holidays, Spring and Summer!  This thin cut RETIRES on October 31st!  So you may want to add it as a ‘must have’ now here on my website.  

But what can you do with it?  Lots of things and I plan on showing you how and teaching you with an Online Class through Facebook. This class will go over the basics, adding a variety of techniques and layers of these leaves so you can see how to use them for your projects.  The classes will start in early November for $10 per instructional class (does not include materials,a list will be shared as an optional purchase for you).  I want to teach you:

  1.  Creating ‘tri-color’ leaves with inks, reinkers and waterbrushes
  2.  Rustic Leaves through distressing techniques
  3.  Stamping a design for a unique dimension to artwork.
  4. Lastly, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase products to create a unique layout or single page using layered leaves and other materials (material fees are not included)
    1. Autumn
    2. Holiday
    3. Spring/Summer

One of the best things about this is you are going to really see how versatile this set can be for the year!  Why not make a purchase, join the class and get the most out of it by learning some wonderful techniques and Tips/Tricks of the Trade.

Interested?  Please CONTACT ME as soon as possible, by Monday, October 21st to sign up!  You will have to purchase the Layered Leaves and be on Facebbook.  $10 per instructional class will be paid via Paypal when I get your information.  If you would like to see the REPLAY of the video I did the other night, you can watch it below (I wills say the lighting does not truly reflect the beauty of the artwork):