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Tips & Tricks of the Trade: Take off your Rose Colored Glasses

In Tips and Tricks of the Trade by Lynn Como

If I could change your ‘eye’ glasses a second, I might be able to give you a completely different perspective when it comes to looking at my artwork.  For some reason, when you visually see a piece of artwork, you automatically label it a ‘yeah or nay.’  However, when was the last time you looked beyond the ‘evidence’ and uncovered the ‘mystery?’

What do I mean?  Take off the rose colored glasses and look BEYOND the title and see the artwork for a myriad of photos you can use on the same layouts.  For instance, take out All Bundled UP above and then you can see CLEARLY a completely usable layout for many of your everyday life photos that you have waiting to be scrapped.  Right?!  I know it can be such a simple thing as omitting or changing something like a title where the layout can be used for something so different.  Makes sense?

Check out his layout … take out WINTER and any of the stamped 2×2’s and the winter themed circle.  I think you’ll see this is very user friendly layout for a variety of photos you may have on hand.

The right side of the layout above will be covered partly by a 6 x 12 flip flap below right … it mirrors the stripe/scallop shown above.

Changing the title to your own style, adding icons or cricut cuts, stamped images of choice or embellish with die cuts, thin cuts, stickers, other ideas that work with your theme … and you’ll realize many LAYOUTS can be RE-THEMED for a variety of photo shots.

So take off those Rose Colored Glasses and give each layout another look before you say NO … you may be surprised by the usefulness of the paper collection.  I can see it … can you?

Loving this idea and want to know what is the paper collection for the above layouts?

It’s all HERE on this LINK with more artwork.