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Here’s one of my own PERSONAL BOOKS I would like to share with you.  I created and shared this post TWO YEARS ago, but the message is still the same.

What are the things you most remember about a person, place or thing?

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If a picture is worth a thousand words …. then what are your thoughts worth?

Have you ever had a flashback or something that triggered a past moment in time?  How about something you tasted that reminded you of mom’s cooking?  Or a certain smell or scent that brought back a precious memory?   We all have moments like these but haven’t really explored how to put it down on paper, or found a way to express something sentimental or thoughtful with only ONE photo.

Well, now you can!  Sit back and have a cup of tea as I share how I used our newest product line, Story by Stacy to capture important moments to me.  Using the booklet and following the simple program outlined, it was pretty easy to get started.  Everything is complete in one kit (you can add the stamps separately … see all the details way below).

This was a fantastic trip of the senses and mind.  A chance to gather many recollections of special feelings and moments in time. My precious memories ‘of the senses’ of my mom.  As I share this story with you, remember it can be anything you want to share that helps you uncover the “journey in the journaling” with photos to support your subject of a person, place or thing.

I chose this book cover, black with white polka dots and added my own ribbon and charm on the side.  There are 4×4 page protectors sewn into the book so overall the book is 5×5 and 3/4″ spine.  If you want to, you could add 4×4 or 2×2 flip flaps (I added a few).  Adding photos is easy to do and you don’t have to use a boatload.  You’ll see as I share it below ….

I love the sentiment on the left (it’s stamped from D1786 Quotable Words.  The arrow, hearts, “I Love You” are from D1784 Colorful Texture stamp set).  I did have a plethora of feelings and thoughts, and many, many memories about ONE person … my MOM.  I found this small photo and love it!  This is where I grew up on Staten Island above the Bridge Tavern.  My mom loved to always look her best!

I chose to use “I Remember …” to start many of my pages.  Sometimes the photos were not of the best quality but it didn’t matter.  It’s more about my memories and those that were important to me.

Some of the best times I can remember were of the Jersey Shore and our two week vacations.  I was the youngest of four and things were simpler then but not so easy to pack for. You’ll have to read it …

I used a flip flap to share “the memories we made.”  So many great times come rushing back when you sit and start to remember those special thoughts, places and things.

As the youngest daughter, I got to spend a lot of time around my mom.  I have such fond memories of her getting ready for her day or going out.  Pond moisturizer, curlers, kerchief, teasing her hair, hairspray, red lipstick  …

My mom always wore perfume.  Oh my goodness, you would always find small bottles in her pants pockets, pocketbook, coat pockets.  Her scent was everywhere ….

Totally love this picture of my mom all dressed up for New Year’s (I’m assuming).  She so loved wearing her jewelry … even everyday. You would see her in pearls, large pins, rings, earrings … she loved her ‘bling!’  V neck tops were her main staple with a pin in the center of the ‘v.’

I cannot carry a tune but I loved when my Mom would sing!  My bedroom was right next to the kitchen, so I could hear her loud and clear.  You can read my story below …

I wanted to note some of “the BEST things” … just a few that spoke volumes to me.  She had a wonderful personality and was a caring person.

One of my favorite times and memories was being able to get my mom on a vacation away from the bar.  Well, we went to St. Thomas with my sister Diane and had a wonderful time.  She was thrilled to buy herself a diamond ring (or two!) there.  It was priceless and so deserving and here she is showing it off:

Thankfully, she was there for me when I had my boys. She would come over for a few days after they were born to help me adjust to motherhood.  It was such a great gift of her time.

As you open up both flip flaps, you’ll see my boys loved their ‘Grammy.’  She took such good care of them, played games, out for rides and so much more.  She was the best!

Did you notice the quote card?  That comes in the kit and it’s so true.  It was always the little things  … thoughts and actions  … that meant the most to all of us.

The last page of the album is “created with love by” card and for you to add your own photo.  I decided to use this photo of us dancing in St. Thomas.  She was always available for a great time!  We had so much fun and it was a special memory for me.  And it’s so true … read the saying on the right …

If you could take some time and find your treasured heirlooms, sit down and let your mind wander to the time and place of your subject, you’ll find so many details you have packed away. It is such a wonderful story!  I’m happy to have shared it with you and hope you’ll do the same.

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