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EAT, PLAY, LOVE Kit of the Month & Online Crop

Not just for foodies, our  Eat, Play, Love Collection is like a good book.  You’ll love filling it up with warm memories of gathering around a table for a celebration or just ‘good eats.’ In addition, adding photographs and journaling stories of your favorite place/time/event/people in your lifetime – past and present – on one page.  Just print it in black/white and it will all belong together!   

This video shows you the artwork I’ve designed for (2) different Scrapbooking Workshop Kits:  Eat, Play, Love Workshop and Kitchen Gnomes.  Below that is my video of the 6 x 8 Cook Book/Memory Album which is also an optional purchase to be created on Sunday. 

Needless to say, let’s look at the possibilities of how Eat, Play, Love can be a wonderful kit for a variety of photos:

Eat Play Love can be MORE than Cooking or Recipes

And seriously … if you print photos in black/white, they will ALL go together!

  • Good Eats! (Gather your photos of any time of the year and add to one layout)
  • Favorite Restaurant/Dish/Drink/Food (or a Tasting)
    • Past or present (I know we grew up and enjoyed Denino’s Pizza … such fond memories!)
    • Where you had your best meal
    • Photos of you and/or food …  (I have some shots of us, but not enough for a layout. However, if you combine them, it works!)
    • Journal your story about the place, people, meal, dessert, ambiance
  • Favorite … Pizza, Food Truck, Takeout, Meal, Lobster Bake or Buffet
    • Family Meals and Celebrations
    • Mom’s specialty or Gramma’s Best DisH
    • Smoker/BBQ with all the fixins’
    • Barn Fire/Cookout/Picnics/Reunions with family or friends
    • Holiday menu (main dish, desserts, or your Aunt’s fave dish with recipe)
    • Holiday Baking (pies, cookies, desserts)
  • A Garden or Harvest (Gather Round Our Table)
  • Summer Bounty (luscious bounty of fresh food being harvested/picked)
  • Homemade/Handmade
    • Lemonade/Sweet Tea (party)
    • Canning/Preserves/Pickling (journal with photos/recipes)
    • Pasta, Bread, Baked Goods
    • Sauces, Jellies, Preserves
    • Sweet Treats
  • Country Fairs (your entry or dish)
  • He catches and cleans it!  I COOK IT!
  • My little Chef, Cooking Classes or Special Dining Experience

Here’s what I am serving up as a Menu for our Online Crop for Eat, Play, Love.  This is my National Scrapbooking Month Online Event for May.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

  • Dates:
    • Saturday, May 15th @ 7:00 pm (eastern time) through 10:30 pm for our 8+ Workshop Kit/Lynn’s Designed Layouts
    • then on Sunday, May 16th, we’ll start off @ 9:00 am with Kitchen Gnomes (if you are not into the gnomes, use the canning jar cardmaking set and it will work well!) … to complete another set of My Signature Designed 8 pages.
    • In the afternoon, I’ll bring on the Recipe/Memory Album (artwork coming soon!)
    • We’ll finish off with prizes and Grand Prize drawing and a Zoom @ 4:00 pm ending @ 5:00 pm
  • Cost is $50 for this 2-day event with all the fixins’!
  • Oh my goodness!  I’m so excited to share this with you! Eat, Play, Love will be a great event!

Registration is only $50 and is NOW OPEN for EAT, PLAY, LOVE Kit of the Month, May 15th-16th, 2021! 

When you register by 4/30, you will be entered to win a free registration for our next event!

BONUS Offer: Sign up a friend to join you for this crop and your registration is FREE for a two-day event (see details here)!

EAT, PLAY, LOVE G1227 Workshop Kit Artwork

Can you remember one SWEET event in your life or a dish or dessert you want to write about?  Perhaps you do want to make this one your ‘sweet tea or lemonade’ lunch with the ladies?  So many SWEET ingredients in our lives (children, family, places, food) can be captured on this layout:

On the other hand, family celebrations are usually centered around food, right?  Well, this layout doesn’t have to be at all … maybe a portrait of your family and relatives.  These pages are so easy as the designs are in the paper!

On the next set of pages, I added the Eat, Play, Love Z3924 Cardmaking Stamp set with Thin cuts (on sale now for $20!).  It is perfect for these layouts and those of you who preserve, pickle, recipe dishes and can those awesome summer delights!

In addition to using 6×4 and 4×4 flip flaps on this layout, you’ll enjoy adding a variety of photos to fit your personality.  Whether it be family cookouts, bbq, a picnic, baking @ home, pickling those veggies, or making those preserves, this layout covers you:

In contrast to the yellow above, check out this MEMORIES layout.  An 8 x 12 flip flap will be the perfect setting to capture your memories, recipes, photos, or stories of family times.

All of the above is from our Workshop Kit and some extra goodness!  That’s 8 pages plus flip flaps!  Amazing spread of layouts for you!

EAT, PLAY, LOVE: Lynn’s Designs with Kitchen Gnomes

So, for all of my friends out there who are in love with GNOMES, the Z3931 Kitchen Gnomes (on sale now) are so adorable, I just couldn’t resist this set.  Being my son Scott is a chef, I’ll use it again and again.  But they simply adorn these pages with some extra spice and goodness!

Kitchen Gnomes

Despite the interest, not everyone will want these cuties, so they are optional for you.  I suggest using the Eat, Play, Love Cardmaking stamp set with thin cuts in its place.  It will work out just as pretty!  Here are My Signature Designs for 8 more pages of scrapbooking opportunities to celebrate with Eat, Play, Love:

Good Eats!  From our table to yours .. or baked with love … or whisking you a happy day … I love you Cherry Much!

On the other hand, using vellum as a doily to create this layout … oh so pretty!  Look at your photos for that family shot and add some close-ups.. all in black and white … and it will work out so well!

Now, here’s a POP of color and I can’t wait to add my photos of family-cooked meals to this layout.  Over the past year, you’ve got to have some photos of cooking at home right?  Yeah … thought so!  Just look at those gnomes! But like I mentioned, that jar with a saying would work too!

Lastly for scrapbooking, Eat, Bake, Love … or your favorite title.  I can also see my photos of the BEST PIZZA here.  I could journal about each of our favorite toppings:  Scott – pepperoni; Nick – margarita pie; Rick/Me: sausage & mushroom.

EAT, PLAY, LOVE Cook Book/Memory Album

In addition to all the layouts above, you have the option to create the beautiful 6″ x 8″ Cook Book/Memory Album with me!  I’ll show you how to cut the paper, create our title pages and recipe cards.  There will be tips on personalizing your pages and adding photos too (all optional).  I hope you’ll consider making this FUN project with me!

So, have you worked up an appetite to JOIN IN for my EAT, PLAY, LOVE Online Crop?  If this is *new* to you, please sign up!  You’ll love all the pre-recorded videos I do where I walk you through cutting, stamping, thin cutting, and other details to help you complete the look.  The day(s) of our event is where the prep is done and now we enjoy a Girls Night/Day out and assemble it all!  It’s been the best program!

Click HERE for the Shopping List for Eat, Play, Love Kit of the Month

Are you ready to JOIN IN and create it ALL with me?

Everything is recorded for you @ our Virtual Online Crop

The main perk for creating with me is that I teach you how to do it! You will get the most value out of your purchase and your paper. The stamp/thin cuts, as well as the sticker sheet, are just gorgeous, and the paper is a perfect variety of colors, depths, and designs.  You will be ready to scrap our EAT, PLAY, LOVE Kit of the Month. You have the opportunity to make 8+ pages or all 16 pages!  Plus the Cook Book/Memory Album too!

NOTE:  A minimum purchase of $50 in products (before tax/shipping and/or VIP Credit) is needed

Raffle Prizes

Online Crop Registration is $50 per person. Register by April 30th to be entered into our raffle!

Everyone with confirmed registrations by April 30th will be entered into a special raffle to earn attendance at the next online crop for FREE!

BONUS Offer: Sign up a friend who is new to our Serenity Crop Online Events to join you for this crop, and your registration is FREE (learn more about my new referral program right here)!

Prizes are given out at the end of the night to some lucky winners!  Everyone enjoys these events so much, and as a paid participant, you can watch the recordings again at your convenience.

These sessions have proven to be a great way to create plenty of artwork and get one-on-one personal instruction through my videos. Prepping is done in bite-size pieces and all videos are saved for 6 months.


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