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I’ve Scrapped my Photos using Pumpkin Spice Kit of the Month Artwork!

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Loving the Colors and Season of Autumn

So the weekend of Halloween, I attended a crop as a croppee. Wow!  What a change for me! I enjoyed myself immensely and got so much done (8 scrapbook pages, 32 VIP Flower Box Cards & over 50 Christmas Cards).   I am thrilled with the results and I want to share them with you!  If I could have stayed the day on Sunday, I would have gotten more scrapbooking layouts done but … not in the cards this time round.

What I love about what I do is CREATING new layouts.! I love to CREATE beautiful artwork for an event, season, or occasion that you can duplicate.  That’s what Kit of the Month Club is all about and what I can do for you!  But I’m going to talk personally today about my own experience and photos.

I know many of you sit down with a bunch of photos and papers (stash) and look at it all and think “what am I supposed to do?”  Does that sound familiar?  I see it all the time and I can understand your love of scrapbooking as well as your challenge with scrapbooking.  You sit there and think “now what?” and it takes you a while to get creative and the mood flowing to fill your cup (or album) with your legacy.

What I do and teach is quite different.  I create the artwork FIRST and then I can go back in fill my pages with photos.  Now you might think how can one do that?  It really is easy if you allow yourself that freedom to TRUST in ME to help you scrapbook more than you ever have before.  It really works!  So, here’s my original artwork for PUMPKIN SPICE without photos and then with photos.  Sure, I may change a few things, but overall the artwork leaves you room to adjust as you see fit.  Below it all, I’ll share some links about the products, programs, and how to get your photos printed in the sizes you need (4×6, 4×3, 3×3, 2×2, 6×4, 4×4, 5×7).  It’s truly a piece of cake!

Pumpkin Spice Layout 1

Pumpkin Spice Autumn

Using the layout above, I decided to add photos taken at various places that represented the colors of Autumn.  I’m glad I focused on variety rather than an event or a same day thing, I picked photos of AUTUMN and the colors you capture.  This season, Rick and I have made a goal to go hiking once a week.  These are some of our photos we have snapped during our hikes (or after) in New Hampshire.

Pumpkin Spice Autumn photos

Pumpkin Spice Layout 2

Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Picking

Instead of a 4×6 photo in the pumpkin on the left, I chose to add a Picture My Life Card and cut out some pumpkins from another card to bring in the Autumn Season.  I love how the photos just POP!  It happened to be a beautiful day with blue skies, puffy white clouds and was a  little warm.  Rick and I had a lovely time checking out the pumpkins, apples and farmers market. We had a nice lunch outside on the patio which made it a perfect day/date!

Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Picking

By the way, I also had more photos than this two page spread could hold, so I opted to add our pocket plus pages.  They get inserted in between the layout in the book and are apart of the story.  I love that I have this option which helps capture more photos in between the ‘main’ story.  These are two 4×6 pocket plus pages, but you could use 4×3’s or 6×4’s (horizontal).  Check them out HERE so you can see what I mean and our variety of sizes.

Pumpkin Spice plus pages

Pumpkin Spice Layout 3

So if you were apart of my Online Workshop, you know the ‘school, football, college’ dovetails were stamped.  I had mentioned I wasn’t sure what I wanted to my title, so I left mine blank and I am glad I did!  I chose to do something fun and festive for US!

Pumpkin Spice Autumn Season

Pumpkin Spice Seasonal Craft Beer

After a good day hiking, there is nothing we enjoy more than a thirst quenching, cold crafted beer!  So, as part of our ritual, we google the craft beer places in the area and check them out.  We loved Schillings Craft Beer (their pizza was really good too !) in Littleton, NH which is on the river and quite picturesque!  A watermill, covered bridge and tented outdoor area made it the perfect place to grab a brew.  Living here in New England, the CRAFT BEER selection is amazing!  So many places, so little time!  lol

(PS:  I pulled off the stickers & stamped rain boots and covered Rainy Days with something a little more in line with our date, “Hey Cutie Pie!”  I love having these options!)

Pumpkin spice Craft Beer

Pumpkin Spice Layout 5

I love the Wood Grain paper and adding it to Pumpkin Spice really stretched my imagination as well as my designs.  For this layout, I chose to use our photos captured towards the end of peak leaf peeping season on Mount Willard in Franconia Notch.

Pumpkin Spice Autumn leaves

It was another beautiful day to behold and the temps were in the low 70’s.  The sun was shining, the colors were in full autumn bloom and we took advantage to get out and enjoy God’s handiwork.  I am feeling so blessed to be able to enjoy nature in its beauty with my husband and best friend.  I feel so lucky to be able to craft it too!  On a side note, I covered ‘family gatherings’ with another saying since our family wasn’t with us.

Pumpkin Spice Autumn Mount Willard

Sometimes you have a photo you want to use but it might be not the best quality, angle or shot .. so I like to put those in our flip flaps (they come in a variety of sizes). It continues the story and can add a fun element to your page.  You never know what or how it will work out.  But having the picture my life cards “nuts about you” was perfect!  Trying to catch those selfies .. not an easy thing to do!

Pumpkin Spice Nuts about you

Well, I hope you enjoyed these blank pages and then having the photos in there so you can truly see the possibilities.  I wonder …. did you miss my original posts about Fotojet? Or Pumpkin Spice KOTM and Online Class?

I hope you enjoyed my story for Fall and our beautiful photos of 2021 Autumn Season!  It is such a beautiful time of year and I am thankful for taking advantage of my location and the variety of hikes and scenery we have here in New England.  It is stunning!

Happy Scrapping!

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