Cyber Monday Sale CTMH

Cyber Monday Close to My Heart SALE

In Other Goodies! by Lynn Como


Cyber Monday CTMHToday’s DEALS will be completely different from our Black Friday Sale of up to 50%.  So, you should check out the SAVINGS here on this link starting today @ 5:00 pm Eastern.

The sale will run through Wednesday, Dec. 1st @ 2:00 am.

Even more perks for YOU!  For every 5 people that place an order on my website (for any products) during the Cyber Monday Sale,  I’ll be giving away prizes!  It was fun watching and promoting the special on my Facebook pages and seeing the #’s of orders come with 25 purchases!  Giving away 5 prizes was so much fun!

prize drawing

You can expect the same Happy Mail drawing to be posted LIVE on my Facebook business page HERE on this LINK @ 2:00 pm on Wednesday, Dec. 1st!

I hope to give away as many prizes as I did for Black Friday!  Our 5 lucky winners for orders on Black Friday were these special crafting friends:

  • S. Tuggle from Colorado
  • R. Fraumeni from Massachusetts
  • A. Rewekart from Pennsylvania
  • C. Normandin from New Hampshire
  • D. Barstow from New Hampshire

If you missed the LIVE video, it’s been recorded HERE on this LINK.


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