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Hello and welcome to my new subscribers and my loyal followers!  I’m excited to show you how to become better crafters with this Beginner Series.  This is the 2nd event in the series, so I hope you’ll join in and register.

Sunday, March 6th @ 7:30 pm EST: 

How do we STAMP to Perfection with the right Tools without Smudges 

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Boy oh boy, we are a hot mess when it comes to stamping! I’ve heard quite a few stories about how stamping causes us such anxiety and fear when we actually try to stamp.  Why do we have so many stamps but are so afraid to use them?  We fall in love with the styles, images, sayings of so many sets and we keep promising ourselves, “I AM going to USE this set!”  We have all fallen into this cycle but having the right TOOLS and the simple TECHNIQUE can save us all from stamping purgatory.  I look forward to showing you the basic crafting tips of STAMPING, which is a wonderful addition to our paper crafting creations.  I hope you’ll join in and REGISTER!

Sunday, March 6th @ 7:30 pm Eastern Time Zone:

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Sunday, April 3rd @ 7:30 pm EST:  TOOL Time! 

Tool time

What favorite “go to” TOOLS make our crafting fun? Let’s dive into our stash and uncover their mysterious uses!

Who is the Queen Bee of owning all the right tools?  Is it you?  Oh, we can probably name a few crafty friends who are really good at having all the gadgets!  Well, let’s get to the truth of the matter and see if the BASICS are enough for you.  We can be very happy campers with the right tools when we know their purpose … or when we know THIS is the TOOL for me!  Let’s go over the BASICS in how they work and what they are used for to make crafting more fun!  I can hear it now, “Oh, that’s what I am suppose to use it for!”  Right?  … Right!

Sunday, April 3rd @ 7:30 pm Eastern Time Zone:

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  • Meeting ID: 881 7441 5503
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Series 1: Learn to CUT like a Pro, Save on Paper without the Mistakes

Paper Trimmers

paper trimmersIf you missed the first event, it’s not too late to view it.  It’s been uploaded to my You Tube Channel here:  Lynn Como – YouTube  Thanks for letting me know through your emails and messages how excited you are to WATCH this VIDEO!

We all have had issues with our paper trimmer at one time or another.  We get so frustrated when our cuts are off and wonder is it me?  Or perhaps we are trying to follow a cutting guide and just don’t seem to know where the darn 1/4″ is on our trimmer?  Or sometimes we cringe when it’s our last piece of our most favorite prized paper.  Should I cut it?  Will I mess it up?  Oh, how frustrating it is when we angst over our choices and then … DANG!  Mess it up!

I hope this video will help you overcome your uncertainty and fear, teach you the basics to become better adept at CUTTING on your trimmer!  Knowing your TOOLS and how to USE them is so important.  If you gain one or two nuggets of lessons on the use of this necessary and main paper crafting tool, that will make me very happy … and you too!

I look forward to meeting you and sharing my knowledge to help you with your crafting projects!

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