Cardstock Carnival

Cardstock Carnival is a RAINBOW of Savings!

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Did I hear there is a Paper SALE?

Cardstock is something you can never have too much of, and our top quality, white-core, two-toned cardstock simply can’t be beat! This month only 30% on our Cardstock Carnival Super Bundle, which comes with

SEVEN sheets each of ALL our exclusive colors—that’s 301 sheets of cardstock!

Cardstock Bundle

Also new to this year’s special, our Cardstock Carnival Coated Cardstock pack comes with 24 sheets with glossy UV-coating on one side. This unique bundle opens up all sorts of exciting creative possibilities and is available at a 20% discount while supplies last!

Color Coated CS sale

Save 20% on a selection of exclusive combo packs:Cardstock Bundles

Save 15% on single-color cardstock packs:

Shop the Cardstock Carnival HERE to save on this essential crafting supply!

Cardstock Carnival 2022 Banner

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