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I’ve scrapped my Tahiti Vacation!

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Deck the Palms and Hallelujah!

I am so happy to say I finished scrapbooking my incentive trip to Tahiti which we took in November 2021!  Yeah!  I feel like this is such a great accomplishment, but I couldn’t have done it without my artwork from the Deck the Palms Workshop Kit.  We created 28 pages in January 2022 and I am so happy we did this!  It was a motivating factor to get my pictures on these pages and I LOVE the way it came out!

Deck the Palms

For those of you who created these pages with me @ the Online Event, thank you!  I’m so happy you did so we could make memories together and fulfil our albums with personal vacations.  If you missed out on this one, guess what??  There is still time to order the products because they are available!  Plus you can JOIN the Online Event (details are on the shopping list) and follow along with all the RECORDED Videos too.  You’ll love the process and you can create 28 pages with me!  I have updated the shopping list HERE.

Let me show you my personal scrapbooking and how I used these pages and photo wells that were premade.  In the long run, this saves you so much time!  Plus I have an Online Class that shows you how to create a few photos into a 4×6 photo well!  It’s only $20 and can help you save $$ and time on photo processing.  If you want more information on this fabulous class, please read about it here.  Even though the class has taken place, it’s all RECORDED for you to follow along and learn HOW.  If you have questions, please email me here.

I hope you enjoy the photos of this fabulous vacation!  Thank you so much for your support in helping me EARN these incentive trips with Close to my Heart!  In the video, I mentioned Westin (wrong trip), but we stayed at the Sofitel Moorea which was so beautiful.  I highly recommend it!


Isn’t it a great feeling when you complete a project or an album?  Now, I can go and work on my next project, Hawaii – February 2022!  I’ll be using some of my In Full Bloom layouts and a variety of previously designed pages.  Maybe I’ll even create some new ones?  We’ll see … I just have to make the time to scrap between the Kit of the Month Club artwork and other specials that are promoted monthly.

I am so surprised the product line for Deck the Palms is still available, except for the acrylics (no biggie).  Perhaps you ‘ll like this new set of Tropical Leaves (stamp/thin cuts) to add, called Pond Fronds to create those lovely leaves:

Palm Fronds


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