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Earn $10 Credit Every Single Time as a VIP!

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If you love to be rewarded for your purchases of Craft Products, this is for YOU!

If you enjoy using coupons without the hassle of carrying one, this is for YOU!

If you like FREE and DISCOUNTED Paper Crafts, this is for YOU!

Right now, we have a Refer a Friend VIP Promotion happening and this is a fabulous offer!  YOU are my friend, are you not?  Then you can sign up as a VIP and use my code which EARNS you plenty of Rewards:

What REWARDS do you EARN?

  • You’ll earn $10 in VIP Credit when you use code 32BBHD.
  • You’ll also earn the additional $15 VIP Credit sign-up bonus!
  • When you sign up as a VIP on my website HERE on this LINK, these credits will be available to you!
    • For your $35 subscription, you immediately receive $10 + $15 = $25 in VIP credit to use on so many products!
    • We have two books to choose from, and over 150 pages of crafting materials!

Plus I am sweetening the deal!

Plus …. you can earn MORE REWARDS!

Once YOU sign up as a VIP, you’ll be able to SHARE your CODE with your FRIENDS and earn $10 for every Referral!

If you are already a VIP with me, I have a special offer for YOU!  

  • I’ll be giving away $25 in free Close To My Heart Products to ONE LUCKY recipient!  
  • All you need to do is share your code and have a VIP sign up on my website here! 
  • You’ll receive one chance for every VIP you refer who meets these easy criteria. 
  • If they are paper crafters, who wouldn’t take advantage of this offer during one of our busiest seasons of the year?
  • A winner will be announced by October 5th in a LIVE video on my Facebook Business Page here.

Let’s share the LOVE of Paper Crafting and get thanked every single time with $10 VIP Credit!

Our VIP Refer-a-Friend promotion lasts through September 30th, 2022!

Here’s my CODE again if you are ready to sign up now!

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