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In Featured, Other Goodies! by Lynn Como

These are the items are BACK in STOCK here on my WEBSITE

Each week, we have been refilling our inventory with many items.  Here’s what’s new:


  • Z1510 Air Touch Adhesive
  • Z1511 Air Touch Adhesive REFILL
  • Z3441 Dual-Tip Multi Bond glue Pen

Cutter & Accessories

  • SureCut Deluxe Paper Trimmer
  • Z1784 Tripletrack Replacement Blades
  • Z1785 Tripletrack Cutting & Scoring Blades
  • Z3795 Tripletrack Titanium Cutting Blade


  • Z6535 Melon
  • Z6536 Honey Butter
  • Z6538 Seabrook
  • Z6539 Mist
  • Z6535 Grape
  • Z6535 Toffee


  • Z2493 Lavendar
  • Z2496 Pale Pink
  • Z2498 True Black
  • Z2499 Blender

Glue Dots® Mini Dots (Z341)

Items Available HERE on my WEBSITE

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