X7294E Cape Cod Embellishments

Top Selling Items are Showing Low Quantity

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It’s no surprise to see CAPE COD items becoming low in inventory or selling out completely.  This line retires on August 31st!  This is a good time to add it to your stash for any future beach memories, tropical vacations or water, sand or sea adventures.

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This is a fantastic card kit and is SOLD OUT on my Website.  BUT I have a TWO New Workshop Kits available for $37 plus shipping to you.  If interested in this kit, CONTACT ME HERE.

This Workshop Kit creates 16 beautiful cards. You make 4 of each card design below, and one of them is the slimline size.  Cards, envelopes, stamp set, thin cuts, papers and cardstock are all included.  Plus a color brochure to instruct you to do create it all:

G1284 Cape Cod Card Workshop

The star of the show though are the thin cuts!  The SEASHELLS are stunning!  They are detailed and no stamps coordinate with them because of their stylish nature on their own.  I really enjoyed using them to make these cards and also @ my Cape Cod Catch Online Workshop.

The x7294E Cape Cod Embellishments are nearly sold out!

This is such a great set of die cuts and thin acrylics that work so well with our Cape Cod Collection:

X7294E Cape Cod Embellishments

Z4754 Cape Cod Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts are such a great set:

Z4754 Cape Cod Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts

Plus the Cape Cod Papers, Stickers and Scrapbooking Workshop Kits

Cape Cod Scrapbooking

Don’t miss out on this beautiful CAPE COD Collection!

For those who enjoy Scrapbooking and looking to make many pages (could be a vacation album, beach memories album, etc.), I have just the thing!  The Cape Cod Catch Online Workshop has all the recordings to make all of this artwork.  If interested, in learning more, click HERE for the Details.

G1283 Cape Cod Layout 1

G1283 Cape Cod Layout 2

G1283 Cape Cod Layout 3

G1283 Cape Cod Scrapbooking Layout 4

There is also Lynn’s Signature Artwork only available by registering for Cape Cod Catch Online Workshop

Life at the Shore

In addition C1982 Cape Cod Cardmaking Stamp Set is super cute!

C1982 Cape Cod Cardmaking stamp set

C1982 Cape Cod Cardmaking stamp set

These items are while supplies last through August 31st HERE on my WEBSITE

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