Lynn Como Close to My Heart
Close To My Heart Lynn Como artwork

You are Invited to Join Lynn's Private Facebook Group!

Lynn Como’s Private Facebook Group is an exclusive group reserved just for her customers! Lynn uses Facebook Live to conduct her monthly Serenity Crop Online events. She also uses it to create posts with photos and how-to videos of her artwork, as well as new tips, tricks, and techniques using the latest products from Close To My Heart. And let’s not forget the exclusive promos and giveaways that come with being a member of Lynn's Private Facebook Group, too!

Membership is free, but there are two restrictions:
  1. No Close to my Heart Makers/Consultants
  2. No non-US crafters (we cannot sell beyond our US borders)

Instructions for Joining Lynn's Private Facebook Group

  1. Please click on this LINK:  You can find me on Facebook HERE, then use the button, “ADD FRIEND” (Lynn Como, Fall background), to send your friend request.
  2. Once I receive your request, I can confirm our friendship.
  3. I can then invite you to my private Facebook Group, Lynn’s ILOV2CRAFT Papercrafting Friends.
  4. Once you are invited, there are 3 simple questions for you to answer to gain access.
  5. When you complete the questions, I will be asked to review and admit you to our group.  Super easy!

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