December Special: up to 30% off STORY STARTER Kits

Lynn ComoPromotion of the Month, Story Starter

Story by Stacy™ products teach you how to focus on the story in your memory keeping, and this December is a wonderful time to share the stories that matter to you with the Story Starter Special. Preserve your memories with Story Starter—a fun 4″ x 4″ workshop kit that walks you through the steps of uncovering meaningful memories related to … Read More

What are the things you most remember about a person, place or thing?

Lynn ComoStory Starter

If a picture is worth a thousand words …. then what are your thoughts worth? Have you ever had a flashback or something that triggered a past moment in time?  How about something you tasted that reminded you of mom’s cooking?  Or a certain smell or scent that brought back a precious memory?   We all have moments like these but … Read More

Family Treasures

Lynn ComoStory Starter

In the past few weeks, spring cleaning has taken on a whole new meaning around here!  Blowing off the dust of some of the most precious boxes you can have and finding family treasures in each.  I’m sure you have plenty of these photos or boxes around.  If not you, then your parents or siblings.  However, if  YOU are the … Read More