Tips and Tricks of the Trade: Albums

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On my Facebook Business Page, I recently posted about a fantastic deal as well as a Tip and Trick of the Trade on Albums.  (Note:  if you would like to LIKE my Facebook page, please click here on this link.)

Many of you take your good albums with you to the crops to fill up as you work. I’ve been having conversations with some of you about this and how you could use a D RING Binder as a “WORK IN PROGRESS” album to bring back and forth (instead of wearing/tearing your good albums).

Here’s why:  If you buy a D Ring binder/album and add the value pack (25) of top loading page protectors, you can scrap anything (freeing you up to put any layouts in a D Ring without being in order). Then you can choose to move them into your actual GOOD albums when you are ready to showcase them as finished pages.

If this sounds like an excellent idea to you, there are 3 canvas D RINGS binders on CLEARANCE for $17.50 (originally $34.95) on my site @

Now, that’s a great deal and an excellent Tip and Trick of the Trade when you scrapbook your layouts.  Make a D ring binder work for you!  Make it the place to store both completed layouts … or if you are in my Kit of the Month Club, to store your artwork and plug in the photos.  Keeping your layouts available to you, will make it even easier to add your photos, or even duplicate a layout again using different papers and embellishments.

I hope you found this helpful.  There are quite a bit of deeply discounted items in the Clearance Section on my website here.