A fabulous family vacation

In General Information, Vacation by Lynn Como

In the end of February, my family and I traveled to Mexico to enjoy a week vacation together with many other Close to My Heart trip earners.  I am so lucky to be able to enjoy a yearly vacation that I EARN (not win) because of hard work, dedication and … most importantly … YOU!

Without YOU and your support of my business, these trips would be a passing wish instead of a dream come true!  So, thank you ALL … from the bottom of my heart for continually supporting the “paper, scissors and glue” portion of what we do!  Isn’t it amazing?!  Handcrafting, card making and scrapbooking DO make dreams come true!

One of the best accommodations Rick and I enjoyed were having the SUITE and ocean view at the Riu Palace Pacifico.  Jacuzzi inside and out; king size bed, living room and extra large bathroom and walk in closet were super amenities for us to enjoy!

Our first full day was quite an ADVENTURE!  The day started with a fun 25 min. boat ride to a location to meet our next mode of transportation:  A Unimog!  This jeep was built to ride through the streets, up the dirt roads, through the mud holes and beyond, while we were all seat belted in and held on to the straps as we bounced around to start our adventure.  Below from left to right are:  Lynn & Rick; Daria (front) & Nick (behind); my sister Diane; Savannah and Scott.  Compression tops, bandanas and helmets were all the rage!

So, a donkey ride UP to the ZIP LINE (9 zips in all) for us to hang on and fly through the sky.  Then you get to repel down a waterfall.  Let’s just say it is a very uncomfortable feeling to be strapped and secure, be asked to turn around so you face the waterfall, lean Over the Edge (!!) and keep your legs straight, and hang on to a rope. Yeah … right! OMG … as you try to walk down the waterfall, one step at a time and hold on tight.  DONE!  Yes, we ALL did it!

However, we did have the pleasure of finishing the journey with two water slides and our last zip line on a surf-like-board, holding on to straps and facing OUT as you zipped to the end of the line.  This was my favorite part!  The water slide was fun but when you get handed a hockey helmet (with caged face) and elbow pads, you’ve got to wonder if you are going to survive the slide!  Geez!  I wasn’t feeling too comforted with the equipment!  ha!

The rest of the time, we chilled out and relaxed either at the heated pool or the beautiful beach.  The temps were 80 degrees everyday with pure sunshine!  The afternoon, the winds picked up for a fantastic breeze to keep us cool. Hanging out with fellow consultants, going to the evening shows at the Riu Palace Pacifica Resort … were a highlight each day.

And of course, you know we had to see some local sights and enjoy the food and colorful displays while walking around the Old Town of Puerto Vallarta.  Stopping and watching tostados being made … delicious!  Leather making, baking and trinkets along the way.

We so enjoyed our little stop for local tacos of pork, chorizo or beef.  Scott was able to have a foodie conversation with these guys making the experience more memorable.  I loved hearing him speak their language to the best of his ability.  One thing is for sure on any vacation or country … FOOD is the essence of connecting with others!  You can count on a great experience when you share your joy, passion and love of it!

Lastly, we enjoyed our margarettas and sauteed slow braised octopus (the best ever!) at this restaurant on the beach.  What a beautiful view and fantastic weather! It’s times like these you realize how precious life is when you can enjoy these wonderful experiences with family and friends.  Life is good!

And a great big thank you to Close To My Heart for the time of our life!  We appreciate ALL you do for us!  The goodies you gave, the heartwarming gifts … were amazing!  Now, I’ve set my sights and have EARNED the next trip in 2018 .. and will be going to this unbelievable destination: