Tips and Tricks of the Trade: Cardstock-ing Techniques

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Over the years, I have done a lot of techniques to our cardstock and I’m thinking not all of you are aware of these fantastic tips I would like to share.  With our Cardstock being on sale @ 25% off, it’s a good time to stock up and learn super easy techniques you can create with Close To My Heart solids.  By the way, not all Cardstock is created EQUAL … you get what you pay for. 

Did you know our cardstock (except Kraft) has a white core?  It gives you another unique way to DISTRESS it!  You can sand it for a very soft, muted toned down look that ages the paper.  Use our sanding kit (only $4.95 and it’s being retired) to create the depth of sanding you want on your cardstock.  Or .. you can emboss it and then sand it.  See how great it looks:

Did you know you can tear our cardstock (and patterned paper) so the white core shows?  Love this for a beach scene …

Did you know you can edge distress it so you ‘fray’ the edges and the white core peeks out along the edge.  It’s another great layered look!  Our edge distressing tool is perfect (only $3.95 and it’s being retired) and all the ‘teeth’ are the same.  Looking at the photo below, ALL of the edges are frayed/edged with our distressing tool … see how it slightly curls and pops the white core?  I even frayed our white daisy cardstock, keeping in the theme of the look:

Did you know you can score it and sand it?  Check out this layout and along the inside edge on the base page.  See the double lines all around it?  You use a scoring tool (either within your trimmer or with a ruler) and score @ 1/4″ and 1/2″ inches on one side.  Turn it over and the LINES are popped up.  Now run your sander over this to POP the white Core:

Did you know you can SUEDE our paper?  When you are working on a layout and you feel it’s kind of drab, dull and just doesn’t POP, a wonderful, inexpensive technique is what I call “sueding” it.  You take our dye based ink pads (over 40 colors to choose from) and you rub the ink in a circular motion all over the cardstock.  It dries quickly and creates a depth of color to make your paper POP and stand out.  This is a fantastic technique to try:

This layout below shows you the large brown center piece as well as the barn red squares have been sueded.  It really adds depth!

Here’s another idea showing sueding, scoring, sanding … endless!

Did you know you can STAMP or SUEDE on DARK Cardstock with our White Or Colonial White inks to create a sensational look?  Well, it’s a really cool look and you’ll want to use a heat tool to set it (it takes awhile to dry on its own, overnight). These ink pads are embossing pads, really WET and the ink sits on TOP of the paper (normally, you would add embossing powder and make it a raised image).  But I wanted to show you how you can definitely use it without embossing it for a totally unique look:

I’m sure there are lots of other creative ideas on how to enhance our solid cardstock, but these are my favorites!  So, jump on board and take advantage of the SALE going on right now on my WEBSITE:

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