50% off Special, Holiday Ornaments, PINK 4 a Purpose …

In General Information by Lynn Como

Each month, Magnolia and Vine comes out with wonderful specials and deals (yes 50% off with qualifying purchase)!  Have you been making your holiday list yet? Adorable customized ornaments and fashionable jewelry to fun and festive holiday snaps!  Plus a super SIGN UP program that has me stunned as to the offer!  It’s unbelievable. Read on for all the details ….

When you JOIN Lynn’s SOCIAL here (or attend a social) and make a minimum purchase of $50, you can choose from the list below @ 50% off, ONE of everything while supplies last. SWEET!  You have to attend or click on a Social in order to receive the discount.

Customized ornaments:  Do you enjoy adding personal touches to a gift? These are about 3 1/2″ in size and you can add a holiday style snap (new collection) to the center … or why not purchase the custom snap and add a photo of your choice for a very personalized look?  These make beautiful one-of-a-kind hostess gifts too!

Looking for a sweet gift for a young lady?  Do you have any men in your life that could use a ‘link or two?’  How about a little sparkle & shine on a budget? 

You can view ALL of  our Holiday Collection here on this LINK.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Magnolia and Vine has this special offer:

Host a $500 Social and receive this exclusive Hostess Gift for FREE:

You have a choice in October when your sales hit $500 or more as a FREE GIFT!  Plus, rewards earned can be 15% to 20% and 3 to 5 half price items of your choice!  I would love to help you earn free and discounted Magnolia and Vine jewelry, versabags, snaps and winter wear!  Just email me to book your event.


JOIN My TEAM with Magnolia and Vine:

I wish when I signed up this deal was the offer on the table! WOW is all I can say!  Here’s my advice in a nutshell because …

  • if you are looking to earn income for the holidays .. NOW is the time
  • if you own the jewelry and receive compliments on what you wear, NOW is the time
  • if you are loving so much of our incredible hypo-allergenic line of fashionable and affordable jewelry, wallets, interchangeable SNAPS (can you have enough?) …  THIS IS for YOU!

I would have raked in another $398 in cash/product on top of the $1200 I received in the kit for the same $249 investment!  That’s why … YOU can HAVE it all with this special promotion:

  1. Sign up with the $249 Essential Plus kit (best choice) and receive over $1,000 in product and business supplies
  2. Within a week of signing up, you also get to pick out $200 in retail product for FREE!
  3. With the holidays around the corner, you can hit your FAST START!  Sell $1,500 in your first 45 days and you will also earn:
    1. $199 in CASH
    2. $199 in Retail product credit of your choice!
  4. Lastly, when you host your own Social Launch, you also earn commissions and the hostess reward program.
  5. The ski is the limit!  For your $249 investment, you receive immediately over $1,200 in product/supplies.  Share, host and work it and receive $398 more AND commissions and hostess rewards when you hit your fast start!
  6. What’s the catch?  NONE  … an amazing offer and it is doable. My sales in my first month was over $3,000.  Another downline of mine just did exactly the same thing in September. Woo Hoo Joanne!

If this is not for you but know of someone who would like to explore this opportunity,  please email me or call @ 732-266-1287.  Anyone can JOIN HERE on my SITE to get started.  It will be so much fun!

  • Need a gift?
  • Visiting a friend while on vacation?
  • Want to show a hostess your appreciation for her vacation home?
  • Birthdays coming up soon and don’t know what to purchase?
  • A TREAT for YOU?

Take a moment to visit my site HERE and pick out a special gift.

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