Memories to Treasure

In General Information, Vacation by Lynn Como

FAMILY … the most cherished of all the treasures in your life.  Somehow even though they live far or near, the best of times are in the precious moments spent together.  This past week, Rick, Jack and I spent many hours in the car driving to North Carolina to visit our son Scott and Savannah.  

They moved about 6 months ago and have found an apartment in Durham, NC.  They will both be working in PIEDMONT’S Restaurant, cooking with passion and love.  We wish you both much success as you grow in your field and enjoy your new surroundings.  You will be missed being closer to home and those stolen weekends away where you enjoyed the natural surroundings of the coast, mountains and lakes.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with them.  We shopped a little and ate only the best!  When you have chefs in the family, eating is a passion and a culinary adventure! And drinking to the best of times is a must! Our holiday ended on an upswing with precious memories in the making.

We also enjoyed a small family gathering for Christmas.  I was happy to see snow on Christmas Day and since Nick and Daria live in Newmarket, it wasn’t too difficult for them to travel to our home.

Daria made some delicious pierogi stuffed with cheese and we enjoyed some stuffed pork roast, mashed potatoes, gravy and string beans.  Our holiday was pleasant and relaxing and our family time special.  I am thankful to have them close by to enjoy these quiet times together or when we go out for a date.

Well, when you don’t have kids living at home anymore, having a dog … aka “JACK” … is the next best thing!  He gets more excited than a child does when opening his gifts.  He is so funny to watch as he rips open the packages with his paws and teeth.  He has his own stocking and every year when we hang it up, he is SO ANXIOUS to see it!  He seems to remember it’s for him filled with goodies to enjoy.

For Christmas Eve it was just Rick (he worked until 6:30 pm) and myself.  I tried my hand at making a Paella and it really was delicious!  I used saffron, arborio rice, chorizo, bits of chicken, mussels, clams and some shrimp.  The flavor was so, so good!  Leftovers were great too!  I have to make it again soon because it’s THAT GOOD!  Yum!

Believe it or not, it’s 5 1/2 years now that we are up here in New England.  Our extended families celebrated in New Jersey or South Carolina.  Sounds like everyone had a great holiday.


I wish you all a very Happy and healthy New Year!  I hope to inspire you with new artwork that keeps you scrapping your ‘memories to treasure.’  Hopefully, create cards to cover all your sentiments.  And lastly, I’ll try to be a little more personal in 2018 even though I’m a little bit private about our life.  We’ll see … a new resolution!  May you set yours and reach new heights!

Lynn Como