Who tells your story?

In General Information by Lynn Como

We juggle the balls every day to make sure everyone is taken care of.  We write our lists, attack with a vengeance to accomplish it and by the end of a day … WHEW!  Beat!  Why is it that we always make ourselves the LAST thing on any list we take time for?  Why do we make sure everything else is done, taken care of and ‘in a row’?  When do we ever get to do the things we really want to do?  Well, if you can humor me and help yourself, please take the time for our own personal story telling.

Sometime around 2005, I was asked by Close To My Heart to create some layouts with new product.  Even though my artwork was not selected to be used in their catalog, I totally enjoyed playing and creating this layout about ME:

Yes, I am an original!  LOL … but it was a joy to talk about my creative side, starting with learning needlepoint in high school and beyond.  I shared my little history of the details of my creative adventure with my hands in so many ways:

Creating a page that encompassed everything I loved to do with my hands in 3×3 size was fun and a flip flap or two completed the look:

But more importantly, when I look back at this memory, I realize how glad I am that I shared it.  I got it in the books, captured my creative history and documented my life in a way that is so enjoyable regarding my hobbies.  I mean .. who would know that about me?  Would my family be able to connect the dots of my creativity?  No … they would not.  They may know some things about me but my story of how my creativity has evolved and what I love to do … would probably not be on their radar.  So …

I challenge you to create a layout on YOU!  We have a fantastic new paper collection, called Documented that will help you.  However, we have an another CUT ABOVE kit that is called Family Ties that you can use if you want fast, simple and easy …

Even though this can do more than YOU (family ties, history, tree, etc.), it will help you do it quickly with no cutting!  Plus add some flip flaps and you’ll be able to document your story and create a two page spread about YOU!  Here’s the layout you can use for you in this kit and add some 4×6 flip flaps and tell your story:

YOU are so important!  You need to tell your story so your family understands who you are, what you are made of … what you LOVE and have LEARNED to do!  You quests, dreams and aspirations!  Or your obstacles and observations … anything you want.  I really admire anyone that has or will do it!

Here’s my Challenge:  Send me your completed Layout about YOU by July 15th and you’ll have an opportunity to earn the Cut Above kit for FREE!

Take the time to tell your story and share you passion so your family learn more about WHO you are, what you LOVE and how to admire your BEAUTY!

Lynn Como