Enjoying life in New England

In General Information by Lynn Como

Even though we have been living in New England for 7 years now, I had my first encounter with ICE FISHING!  Can you believe it?

Rick bought me the BOOTS to keep my feet warm last Christmas (2017) as a gift.  So, even though it wasn’t something I had on my radar, I was prepared somewhat for this outdoor “mostly MAN” sport.

Rick totally loves it and tries to go at least once a week during the season. Well, the season ends on March 31st … so I strapped on my boots and bundled up for my first ice fishing experience.

We headed up to Lake Winnipesaukee near Meredith just before lunchtime.  No need to rush, right?  lol  It happened to be a beautiful day on the ice. The temps were in the 40’s I believe and the sun was shining, with very little wind.  It was the PERFECT day for me!

Rick took me to one of his favorite fishing spots (can’t tell you where because it’s man code to never to give up your spots!) and started to drill the holes, set up our fishing poles and Vexilar radar system.  It gives you the water depth as well as alerts you to any fish in the area.  It even captures your ‘hook and bait’ and shows you if a fish is near it.  Pretty amazing little machine!  (We may have crafting supplies but boy oh boy .. these guys got the GOODS when it comes to fishing equipment!)

We tried a few spots this day and just didn’t have a hot hand with the fish.  I think they were enjoying the longer, sunny days and were very happy SPRING had finally SPRUNG!  I mean after all … it was the first day of Spring!  Look at me here … what a beautiful day to be outside and enjoying mother nature and this gorgeous lake!

It was truly a lovely day and I was happy I did not freeze my butt off.  I don’t know at what temperature I would call it quits. But it truly was a gift to have a stunning day, spent with my hubby outdoors in the fresh air.  I really do love our adventures together and trying something new.  Thanks for the boots Rick and making our day another scrapbooking moment!  I love you for it! xoxo

For those of you who only see Lake Winnipesaukee during Summer and Fall, here’s a shot of the Lake during Winter.  The size of this Lake and the depth of the vastness it covers is breathtaking.  Viewing the Ossipee Mountain range in the background just adds to the majestic view.  I hope you take a trip up here sometime during the winter to check it out in all it’s beautiful white glory.

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