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Holiday Cards Inspiration

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Create your own cards from Scraps

Hello friends! I thought I would share HOLIDAY CARDS inspiration with you! These are all made from scraps I keep in a box. Every time i create a Kit of the Month workshop for the holiday season, I like to keep all of my bits and pieces.  In the past, I’ve also had a quantity of similar items leftover from previous cropping classes.  So, what I like to do is throw ALL my holiday stash in a tote. Then when it’s time to make cards. I take it all out and play.

I usually start by taking out one bag of goodies and spreading them on the table.  Then I can organize them by color, strips, stickers, chipboard pieces, etc. which makes it easier to design with. I love the simplistic approach to making holiday cards because I make so many (about 150).  What I enjoy the most about this fun playtime is it makes it very easy to duplicate a card idea.  When you play with a variety of your scraps, changing the pieces, sentiments or cut pieces … you will be surprised at what you can do!

The best part is being able to CONSUME it ALL!  Don’t you love that feeling of using it all up?  Just throwing away small strips and pieces you know you are done with?  For me, I am a customer like YOU and this makes me very happy!  I think you’ll enjoy these ideas too!

Happy Holidays! ~ Lynn

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