How do I Paper Craft Straight Lines?

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When it comes to paper crafting, sometimes keeping our lines straight across a page or along your project can be a challenge.  We always seem to be off by an 1/8 of an inch on one end.  No matter how great an eye we have, that little extra ‘off-ness’ can create our page or project to look a little wonky or lopsided.  I know I am not alone with this issue!  Right?

Here’s a BASIC TOOL you should have in your arsenal of must have crafting tools.  Have you tried our T-SQUARE Ruler?

You may have used t-square rulers in the past, but you have never seen one like this before as it has a few excellent features:

  • Centering measurements which allows you to find your measurement in the center of a project
  • stitching guide or just adding perforated dots to the edges of your paper
  • magnetic attachment allows you to:
    • pack it easily together like a normal ruler
    • gives you the option to square off your measuring for your projects
    • snaps together easily and it is sturdy

This T-Square Ruler has it all! Let’s see how this ruler measures up in your craft space when Karen from Close to my Heart explains how to use it:


If you click on the photo below, it will take you to the product on my website.  Add it to your cart so it is in your next order.

Z4643 T Square Ruler

I love that it snaps apart for easy pack and go, easy assembly when you need it.

Z4643 T Square Ruler

My favorite product to use it with is our VERSAMAT.   I always use two of them when I scrap to hold my base page I am working on and the T square ruler to measure along the top/bottom or sides.  If you have watched some of my You Tube Videos, I have also used this side with an exacto knife to cut paper.  The self-healing craft mat works so well!  When I flip it OVER, it has a microfiber soft side which I use for STAMPING.  It makes your impressions of stamping work like a charm!  I highly recommend the 13 x 13 VERSAMAT as a BASIC TOOL for paper crafting.  Z1279 Versamat

These items are available on my Website HERE.

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