I scrapped my Christmas photos already!

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I love when a PLAN comes TOGETHER!

This is one of the reasons I LOVE the Kit of the Month Club!  I have all of my layouts DONE ahead of time and now I can be very selective and print ONLY the photos I want!  Plus I have the option to print them in the sizes I need to fit my photo wells on each page.  This makes me so happy!  2022 Christmas is scrapped, journaled and ready for the books!  Oh what great memories!  If you are interested in getting 50 pages of scrapbook layouts completed in a 5 month period, CLICK on this LINK I have 3 spots open right now for the Kit of the Month Club to start on January 1st, 2023! 

Our Christmas Story

Here is the Christmas Story Layout I created using the collection and I added an 8 x 12 flip flap.  We spent our holiday with Rick’s family in New Jersey.  We had a lovely Christmas Eve with Bob, Theresa, Jamie and Steven.

Christmas Story Layout 1

Christmas Story 2022

On Christmas Day, we shared the festivities @ Lauren’s with the Como Clan.  The right side page above has the 8 x 12 flip flap and here it is opened and page 2 base:

Christmas Story 8x12 flip flap

Christmas Story Flip Flap

Oh, I cannot resist the green/black plaid layout!  Even though my family was not together, I had asked each of the boys to take photos of their day. I love that Daria and Nick enjoyed their holiday together, with formal wear and dinner.  Thank you son for taking these precious photos so I could cherish them!

Christmas Story Layout 2

Christmas Story Layout 2 Nick

Family Vacation on Lake Winnipesaukee

In September, we were able to spend one week together on Lake Winni with the boys.  It was so much like old times and what a precious memory it will always be!  When the boys were growing up, we enjoyed our seasons and summer on Lake Sacandaga in Upstate NY, southern Adirondacks.  So many memories came flooding back of our time together there.  Sitting around the campfire at night, swimming, fishing, hiking during the day and really enjoying the simple things.  I feel so blessed to have had this time together.

We had created this layout awhile ago.  It’s from the 2020 CORE book, and the paper was called LOVELY.  This was like having a Bonus Layout, quite different than the paper intended.  I love that about our collections!  You never know where my designs might go!  I changed my title but that would have worked too!  Notice I used (4) 4×3 photos in the (2) 4×6 photo wells so I could have more photos.  It still works!

Lovely Layout 5

Lovely Layout 5

I needed to add more photos and used the 4×3 pocket plus pages that are on sale this week HERE.  Having the ability to add more photos, journal and tell your story in this way allows me to keep it all within a two page spread, saving time and money.

Pocket Plus

Pocket Plus 4x3

Scott is our chef and he loves to forage for wild mushrooms.  We had taken a couple of hikes around the island and he made us a wonderful meal with the wild mushrooms.  He also smoked a chicken with his own smoker invention (the things you can do when you put your mind to it), and we had a Mexican night and ate home every night.  Being on an island with no take out, restaurants, stores or autos … you made sure you packed enough for every meal.  We had so much fun and the smores at night over the campfire … and swimming and fishing during the day … oh what great memories!

Wander 2

I moved a few things around and I loved using 2×2 photos in the 4×4 photo well. When you don’t glue things down to STICK permanently, you’ll be able to modify to what you need.  I really love this feature!

Wander 2

Wander 2x2

I hope this inspires you to play around and change it up.  If you are wondering how I print out my own photos into the sizes I want and need, I have a class for you.  You can read all about it HERE on this LINK. 

Don’t forget … I have 3 spots open right now for the Kit of the Month Club to start on January 1st, 2023!  If you are interested in getting 50 pages of scrapbook layouts completed in a 5 month period, CLICK on this LINK.

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