G1271 Storybook Scrapbook Kit

STORYBOOK is the perfect Kit for BOYS

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Here’s the STORYBOOK Collection

I am loving this STORYBOOK Collection for the BOYS in our life who have imagination! Looking to add your photos of these guys on pages that work for boys? Well, I think STORYBOOK could be for you!

My son Scott had always had a thing for SWORDS when he was growing up. He had plastic ones, wood ones, handmade out of paper towel rolls too! He would walk around the house in his Halloween costume of a knight, wielding his sword with those ‘whoosh’ sounds! It was so great to see him enjoying the simple things and using his imagination to be in the moment of a knight or king! Oh those were the days .. and I wish I had this collection then! I even have photos of his birthday party at a Medieval Times place that I could have used with this artwork.

Let’s go over the products and artwork so you can for yourself how awesome STORYBOOK is!


Well, you lucky ones who CAN use it now! Create 8 pages of artwork using the STORYBOOK Collection with this …

Here are the four layouts:

Storybook Layout 1

Storybook Layout 2

Storybook Layout 3 Storybook Layout 4

The G1272 STORYBOOK CARD Workshop Kit has some very cute stamps and thin cuts.  You can make 16 cards with this one kit.  Click HERE to view it and any additional items needed.

G1272 Storybook Card Workshop

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