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A Tropical Vacation in Tahiti

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Back in November, Rick and I traveled to Tahiti and enjoyed two weeks in Moorea, a paradise all its own!  This was a Close to my Heart Incentive Trip I had earned two years ago which got cancelled twice because of Covid.  In November 2021, we had a lot of hoops to jump through to make it happen. Between Covid testing prior and during, wearing masks all the time during travel and a long, long trip … we made it!  I am so glad we stuck it out and took the plunge to travel then.  It was SO WORTH IT!

Welcome to Paradise with Deck the Palms Paper Crafting Collection

Deck the Palms Part 1

Now that I have completed all my Deck the Palms pages from January, I am using them to fill with photos.  Do you ever create layouts first and then add photos?  Well, this is how I do it and I LOVE having my pages made ahead of time.  With a few quick tips on how you can change it up on photo orientation and printing, you could be doing this with me too!  This is how I do my Kit of the Month club (click here for more details). Let me show you how it can work through this collection, Deck the Palms.  If you missed out on this line, do not despair!  I will share the shopping list below because you can still purchase things a la carte.

Deck the Palms Paradise

This is the title page of my album for Tahiti.  We used the Deck the Palms Stamp/Thin Cut set, stickers, markers and acrylic shapes (no longer available).  This photo is from the top of a Lookout along the side of the road.  We are going to be staying in one of the bungalows over the water!  Dreams do come true!

Deck the Palms Getaway

If you look at this layout, you can see I changed the orientation of the left side to make it hold horizontal photos.  Just turn your pieces and you are golden!  On the right side, I had the option to add 3×4 photos instead of 3×3’s.  This size worked better for me and all I did was put a piece of a zip strip between the two photos and added a third 4×3 photo, and the journaling.  I use Fotojet.com to create my photos in a 6×4 photo well and then I print out (2) 3×4’s on a 6×4 photo paper.  I have taught gals how in an online class for only $20 which has been recorded and saved in a Facebook Group (this is still available if you want to learn how).

Deck the Palms Getaway

In the next layout, you’ll see I changed a few more things.  I really love the option on switching things up and here’s my TIP:  when gluing down your photo mats, LIGHTLY put a bit a tape on the back. In this way, you can LIFT and MOVE them around to your liking.  Not only did I change the orientation on the right page, but I changed out the mats too.  I used MINT and added some torn borders along the diagonal zip strips on both pages.  Do you see how easy it is to do and change?  I am saving so much time by using my layouts! I am modifying  my photos in the sizes, orientation and details I want to make it work.  It’s all GOOD!

Deck the Palms Smile

All Smiles

Next up, is my one of my favorite techniques I taught using Oxide inks and the water look on the bottom. So is fantastic! I used this layout to capture the day we went out on an excursion and our guide, Wilfred wove hats for all the ladies.  He was great and did an amazing job!  Below you’ll see I switched my pages so the beach girl is on the left.  I love being able to do things like this to fit my photos.

Deck the palms Beach Girl

Deck the Palms Hats

Oh we had such a great day with Wilfred!  While out on the boat, we swam with stingrays and sharks (yet to be scrapped).  Then as we rode to the island, anytime we saw coconuts floating in the water, we would pick them up.  We must have stockpiled about 10 coconuts.  Well, on the island, Wilfred showed us all how to peel one open and I love how each coconut has a ‘face’ on it.  Then we had a chance to crack open one which I gave it a good whack!  Once we had them all opened, Wilfred shredded the coconut for us and it was so tasty and delicious.

Deck the Palms Beach Day

If you look at the right side of the layout above, I had originally created (6) 3×3 photo opts.  Below, you will see I modified it to fit the photos I used.  I printed (2) 3×4 photos of Wilfred shredding coconuts on one 6×4 sheet and placed that on the right page, stamped a straw hat  for extra detail.  I also stamped two coconut drinks by Life is Better at the Beach and my layout is complete.

Deck the Palms Cocunuts

Oh, this one below was such a great technique too!  Teaching you how to use the Deck the Palms Card Front thin cuts for a border! I showed 3 ways to use this thin cut and it is so much fun and effective!

Deck the Palms Part 2

Deck the Palms Smiles

Well, that’s it for now.  I’ve been challenging myself to do 4 pages a night and am doing good on keeping that up.  If I can do 20 pages a week, I am thrilled!  It’s a great goal!

Now, if you are going to be taking a Tropical Vacation, you don’t want to miss out on DECK THE PALMS.  You can create all 28 pages and join in on the Online Crop as it has all been recorded.  28 pages to cut, prep, stamp, thin cut and assembly make a great album!  I just love this process.  If this interests you, and you have questions, you can CONTACT ME HERE.

DECK THE PALMS Shopping List

Online Scrapbooking Create 28 pages for Tropical Vibes/Vacation/Life

Please NOTE: 

  • The purchase of a minimum of $100 in products on my website is required to receive the guide for Part 1 & Part 2, total of 28 pages.
  • If you only want Part 1 cutting guide for 12 pages, I can email that to you. 
  • However, only those registered for Deck the Palms Online Crop will receive the instructions for all 28 pages!  There are techniques and applications I can only teach you visually. If this is your first time, rest assured it is all recorded for you!  

Papers & Cardstock:

Stamps & Thin Cuts


  • Stamp Pads @ $9.95 each: Clover (Z6507); Lagoon (Z2895), Lemonade (Z6517), Intense Black (Z4189); Ballerina (Z6501); Mint (Z6503)
  • Markers @ $7.50 each: Citrus Blend (Z2482), Pale Pink Shades (Z2496), Green Turquoise (Z2488); Light Green Blend (Z2485); Pale Pink Shades (Z2530); Fair skin Blend Z2476 (if you do the beach girl)
  • Shimmer Brushes @ $5.50 each: Lemonade, Flamingo, Avocado, Toffee & Mint
  • Oxide Inks (used on bottom of Tropical Vibes/Part 2 layout): Z3833 Peacock Feathers & Z4521 Mermaid Lagoon

Other Accessories & Tools:

Since the Acrylic shapes are sold out, this is another stamp/thin cut set that could work for you, Z3473 Fabulous Flamingo for only $12.95:

Z3743 Fabulous flamingoYou can find Deck the Palms HERE on my WEBSITE

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