A Blast from the Past: You Rock

In General Information by Lynn Como

So, I’m sitting here getting ready for a great adventure … and wondering what should I share?  What should I say?  Then it hits me … as I look back at previous files and photos of things I’ve done from the past.  How often do you look at previous artwork or albums for inspiration?  Are you always seeking *new* ideas to swipe, copy or mimic?  Or do you relish the history, a story told and a memory captured?

Well, in life, we all have choices to make right?  And who’s to call you on it?  Not me!  So, I thought I would go to the ‘vaults’ so to speak and pull up some artwork from years gone by … and share some incredible history … a journey of handmade layouts that will hopefully inspire you today.  I would love to hear back from you if you remember these.

You Rock … one of my favorite kits/layouts that were great for boys, music and high school photos.  Love the colors of outdoor denim and goldrush.

Love the spiral graph ‘clear’ accessories we used too.  Remember when we had circle chipboard pieces?  Loved sponging in two colors to match.   This was fun!

If you child loved music (and these colors do ROCK!), this was another opportunity to take photos of the music class or event and scrap it!

But more importanly .. the message to pass along to your son/daughter while they were going through school, dealing with peer pressure … or trying to understand where they fit in.  Yeah … no other way to say it!

Enjoy the journey!  Look at all the creativity that was created for your special photos!

And love the cards too!

I hope this story inspires you to revel in the history; rejoice in the moment and breathe deep as you forge your way through the future.

NOTE:  This kit was from 2010 and really ROCKED the SCENE!

Happy scrapping!Lynn Como Close to My Heart Consultant